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Backbench Business for Tuesday 27 July

20 July 2010

Image of UK Parliament portcullis

The Backbench Business Committee is responsible for scheduling debates on 35 days during the current session, at least 27 of which will be debates in the main Chamber of the House of Commons, with the remainder to be taken in Westminster Hall.

The Committee has determined that the following business will take place in backbench time:

Tuesday 27 July

General Debate: Matters to be considered before the forthcoming adjournment

The Committee has chosen the usual format for business on the last day before the main recesses in which a Member can raise any issue. The Committee will consider suggestions for changes to the format of such days in future.

Next available backbench day

UK Armed Forces in Afghanistan

Motion: That this House supports the continued deployment of UK armed forces in Afghanistan.

The Committee chose this subject to enable backbench members to debate a matter of current importance. Members of the Committee have tabled this motion to enable the debate to take place on a substantive motion.

Subsequent backbench day

General Debate on the Future of the UK’s Armed Forces

This subject was suggested by the Defence Select Committee.

The text of motions to be debated can be found in the Order Paper: Future Business B