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Examining the National Audit Office (NAO) Report on the Academies Programme

4 August 2010

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The NAO previously reported on the Academies Programme in February 2007 focussing on the academic performance, programme and project management of the first 27 academies.  As at September 2009 there were around 200 academies.  The new government intends to significantly increase this number.  This follow-up study will track progress by academies in improving educational outcomes and identify any lessons for the future expansion of the Progamme.

Wednesday 27 October 2010 at 3.30 pm

The Public Accounts Committee calls the following witnesses:

Department for Education

  • David Bell, Permanent Secretary

Young People's Learning Agency

  • Peter Lauener, Chief Executive

Education Standards Directorate

  • Peter Houten, Director, Academies Policy Group