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Parliamentary Education Centre

Find out more about our world class Education Centre.

Parliamentary Education Centre

The Centre, which is situated at the North End of Victoria Tower Gardens, is a world-class education facility that inspires and connects young people with Parliament and democracy. It is a dynamic, stimulating environment, distinct from the school environment.

It makes use of creative and immersive technology to create a unique learning experience that generates a sense of anticipation in groups entering the space, and from which groups depart feeling inspired and excited about their Parliament. All of our programmes link to the four curricula of the United Kingdom in age appropriate and interactive ways and more details can be found on our website.

The Centre's learning spaces

Themed rooms

Each of the learning spaces has a theme which is intended to add to the exciting experience of visiting the Education Centre. Four of the learning spaces will be themed, respectively, Commons, Lords, Monarchy, and My Parliament.

Augmented reality

The Commons, Lords and Monarchy rooms each contain augmented reality experiences. In the Commons, Sir Winston Churchill introduces young people to the Chamber; in the Lords, students can explore a 3D model of the chamber and follow the Yeoman Usher as he puts the mace in place each session; and, in the Monarchy room, portraits of Queen Victoria and King Charles I come to life and talk about their relationship with Parliament.

Immersive ‘Discovery’ space

This is a sensory, interactive room that plunges students into an immersive environment via the use of 360° projection technology. Three experiences have initially been developed:

  • 15 minute virtual tour through Parliament and democracy’s history: The Parliament Story
  • Virtual recreations of the House of Commons and House of Lords chambers
  • Recreations of an historical event connected to each Chamber: the 1908 suffragettes protest in the House of Commons, and an attempt to gain access to the House of Lords chamber in 1739 by the Duchess of Queensbury.

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