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Schools visiting this week

Find out which schools are visiting Parliament this week.

Schools visiting this week
Parliament's Education Service is delighted to welcome schools from across the UK throughout the year for a programme of tours and workshop. Visits are suitable for students aged 6-18.

Schools visiting Parliament this week:

09-Jul-18 Horton Park Primary School, Bradford
09-Jul-18 Langford Primary School, London
09-Jul-18 Long Close School, Slough
09-Jul-18 Markington Church of England Primary School, Ripon
09-Jul-18 Nannerch Primary School, Nr Mold
09-Jul-18 Barton Hill Academy, Torquay
09-Jul-18 City of London Academy, Highbury Grove, London
09-Jul-18 St Joseph's Convent School, London
09-Jul-18 Westminster City School, London
09-Jul-18 St. Dominic's Catholic Primary School, London
09-Jul-18 Central Park Primary School, London
09-Jul-18 St Edmunds Catholic Primary School, London
09-Jul-18 St Martin's Catholic Primary School, Runcorn
09-Jul-18 Bradley Primary School, Nelson
09-Jul-18 Beis Rochel d'Satmar Girls' School, London
09-Jul-18 St Columba's Catholic Primary School, Birmingham
09-Jul-18 Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Bristol
09-Jul-18 Blackrod Anglican/Methodist Primary School, Bolton
09-Jul-18 Hanham Woods Academy, Bristol
09-Jul-18 Sale Grammar School, Sale

10-Jul-18 Christ Church New Malden CofE Primary School, New Malden
10-Jul-18 Callington Community College, Callington
10-Jul-18 Trinity All Saints CofE VA Primary School, Bingley
10-Jul-18 Park High School, Stanmore
10-Jul-18 All Saints Catholic School and Technology College, Dagenham
10-Jul-18 Bellfield Junior SU School, Birmingham
10-Jul-18 Rokeby School, London
10-Jul-18 Highbury Grove School, London
10-Jul-18 St Aidan's Church of England High School, Harrogate
10-Jul-18 Lavender Primary School, Enfield
10-Jul-18 Lum Head Primary School, Cheadle
10-Jul-18 Beacon Primary School, Willenhall
10-Jul-18 City of Derby Academy, Derby
10-Jul-18 Beis Trana Girls' School, London
10-Jul-18 Herschel Grammar School, Slough
10-Jul-18 Aylward Academy, London
10-Jul-18 Ermysted's Grammar School, Skipton
10-Jul-18 Bedminster Down School, Bristol
10-Jul-18 The City Academy, Bristol
10-Jul-18 Parkside Community School, Chesterfield
10-Jul-18 Rivington and Blackrod High School, Bolton
10-Jul-18 Loreto Grammar School, Altrincham

11-Jul-18 Mesne Lea Primary School, Manchester
11-Jul-18 Birchwood Community High School, Warrington
11-Jul-18 Wilmslow Grange Community Primary and Nursery School, Wilmslow
11-Jul-18 Avigdor Hirsch Torah Temimah Primary School, London
11-Jul-18 All Saints Catholic School and Technology College, Dagenham
11-Jul-18 The Skipton Academy, Skipton
11-Jul-18 Aylward Academy, London
11-Jul-18 St Ann's CofE Primary School, London
11-Jul-18 Park Primary School, Colne
11-Jul-18 Huntington School, York
11-Jul-18 Brightside Primary School, Billericay
11-Jul-18 Madani Girls' School, Leicester
11-Jul-18 Hamilton College, Leicester
11-Jul-18 Hayesfield Girls School, Bath
11-Jul-18 Holy Cross College, Bury
11-Jul-18 Shoeburyness High School, Southend-on-Sea
11-Jul-18 Embleton Vincent Edwards Church of England First School, Alnwick
11-Jul-18 Digitech Studio School, Bristol
11-Jul-18 Patchway Community College, Bristol

 12-Jul-18 Hollingworth Academy, Rochdale
12-Jul-18 Sir Simon Milton Technical College, London
12-Jul-18 Rhyl Primary School, London
12-Jul-18 Brindishe Manor School, London
12-Jul-18 SAIL Schools Network, London
12-Jul-18 Hollingworth Academy, Rochdale
12-Jul-18 Northfield School and Sports College, Billingham
12-Jul-18 George Mitchell School, London
12-Jul-18 St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School, Manchester
12-Jul-18 Belle Vue Primary School, Stourbridge
12-Jul-18 St Mark's Primary School, London
12-Jul-18 King's Oak Academy, Bristol
12-Jul-18 Madani Boys School, Leicester
12-Jul-18 West Grove Primary School, London
12-Jul-18 St Benedict's Catholic Primary School, Atherstone
12-Jul-18 Burscough Priory Science College, Ormskirk

13-Jul-18 The Camden School for Girls, London
13-Jul-18 Cottage Grove Primary School, Southsea
13-Jul-18 Ayesha Community School, London
13-Jul-18 St Joseph's Catholic Junior School, Birtley, Chester le Street
13-Jul-18 The De Montfort School, Evesham
13-Jul-18 St Aloysius RC College, London
13-Jul-18 Edward Pauling Primary School, Feltham
13-Jul-18 All Saints Catholic School and Technology College, Dagenham
13-Jul-18 Ashburton Primary School, Newton Abbot
13-Jul-18 Ernest Bevin College, London
13-Jul-18 Edward Pauling Primary School, Feltham
13-Jul-18 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Castleford
13-Jul-18 Walverden Primary School, Nelson
13-Jul-18 Garstang Community Primary School, Preston
13-Jul-18 Yohden Primary School, Peterlee
13-Jul-18 North Liverpool Academy, Liverpool
13-Jul-18 St Hilda's Church of England High School, Liverpool
13-Jul-18 Ysgol Emrys Ap Iwan, Abergele 

Our tour and workshop programmes enable pupils to examine aspects of parliamentary process and practice and engage more actively in their democracy. Look out for our seasonal programmes exploring topical issues and historical subjects. More details can be found on our school visits page

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