Select Committee Experience tour and workshop

Select Committee Experience tour and workshop

Through a tour and workshop, pupils get the opportunity to explore the role of UK Parliament's select committees.


Event Dates: Spring term

Ages: Age 16-19

About Select Committee Experience tour and workshop

Please note that this visit is available to UK schools and groups only

This programme starts with a tour of the Palace of Westminster.The UK Parliament is a working building and access to different parts of the Palace of Westminster, as part of your tour, will vary due to Parliamentary business.

Age 16-18: Government and Politics/Modern Studies students

The experience begins with a specially tailored tour of the Palace of Westminster. It focuses on scrutiny within Parliament and the function of the Select Committee system and includes a visit to a Select Committee room.

Building on the context set by the tour, pupils will explore their opinions about Select Committees using primary sources to prepare their arguments for a debate on the motion: ‘Select Committees are an effective and efficient way of scrutinising the Government’.

This session assumes some knowledge about the structure and function of Parliament and Government, including an awareness of Select Committees.

How to book

Spring Term 2020

Online applications for Spring Term 2020 are now closed. Allocation will take up to three weeks. After all applicants have been allocated their slots, all remaining available dates and times will be published on our Short Notice Bookings page.

Open to: UK children only up to a group size of 36, including adults and students.

Before you visit

Visit our school and group visit information page to find out all you need to know before visiting the UK Parliament.


We welcome visits from groups with SEND, including groups from Pupil Referral Units. Please contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and adaptations you may need. We also have an SEND Quiet Day once a term for SEND school groups. Parliament has a hoist toilet, please let us know in advance if you would require access to this.

If you think your pupils may be anxious about their visit, you can go through the visit with them before the trip, in class, with our downloadable visit story.