What is the House of Commons? Find out with this short animation, an ideal starting point for introducing the House of Commons with students aged 11-19. Explore the history, role, work and membership of the House of Commons and how it holds the Government to account.

Time required: 3.5 minutes to view the film, plus time allocated for follow up work

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn:

  • A brief history of UK Parliament and how the House of Commons was established.
  • How Members of the House of Commons are elected.
  • Criteria to stand as a candidate.
  • What the House of Commons does.
  • What Government does and what the key roles are.
  • The role of MPs.
  • How Government is held to account through Prime Minister and Minister's questions and select committees.

Practical information

To view these videos you must be able to use YouTube in your classroom.

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