First Mass Petition, Votes for Women

First Mass Petition, Votes for Women

An interactive teaching resource exploring the campaign for women's voting rights, starting with the first mass petition for the cause in 1866.


An online resource with supporting worksheets that brings the women's suffrage campaign to life for students aged 11-14. The resource explores the 1866 petition which called for women's right to vote and was signed by women across the United Kingdom.

Students follow the journey of the suffrage campaign through video, audio and quizzes, while source based activities help pupils develop source analysis skills. The supporting regional worksheets provide a local history focus for students to learn more about suffrage campaigning and key women in their area.

The resource is designed for students to use independently using a tablet or computer. It is split into distinct chapters so that students follow the story from start to finish. Prior to the lesson, teachers can download supporting worksheets which are designed to be completed separately once students have worked through the online resource.

Learning objectives

Students will learn about:

  • The 1866 petition, how it started, how it was debated in Parliament and how it sparked a nationwide movement
  • What life was like in 1866 and the rights women had
  • The 1866 petition in more detail, testing out their source analysis skills and discovering how many people signed in their area


Curriculum Guide

Curriculum guide

Curriculum guide

Grid demonstrating how this petition resource relates to the curricula for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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