Video Tour of the House of Lords


This short film follows Baroness Jenkin of Kennington, Lord Inglewood, Lord Haskel, Lord Faulks and Baroness Parminter as they take you on a tour of the House of Lords and talk about the work they do.

The video can be watched as standalone resource to introduce the House of Lords followed by a classroom discussion.

Alternatively you can extend the activity by viewing an accompanying animation exploring ‘What is the House of Lords?’ and download a resource pack including instructions for a Hold a Committee classroom activity here.

Time required: 30 minutes. (activity can be extended to cover up to two lessons by following up with further films and activities)

Learning outcomes

Students will:


  • Understand what Members of the House of Lords do on a daily basis
  • Understand the purpose of the main areas of the House of Lords chamber and rooms
  • Work as a group to debate the pros and cons of the purpose and role of the House of Lords
  • Have expressed their own opinions and empathised with other people’s points of view

Practical information

Either view the video as a standalone resource followed by a classroom discussion, or follow up with the accompanying ‘What is the House of Lords’ animation with downloadable worksheets and activities.

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