What is the UK Parliament? Lesson plan

What is the UK Parliament? Lesson plan

Discover the UK Parliament with these lesson plans created in partnership with Twinkl.


Engage primary pupils with the UK Parliament using these resources, which explore topics including the House of Commons and the House of Lords, Elections and Voting, Debating, and How Laws are Made. With lesson plans and fully illustrated PowerPoint slides plus activities, these resources are a great way to engage your pupils with the UK Parliament.

Produced in collaboration with Twinkl, a provider of a complete range of teacher-created, engaging and inspiring learning materials, from schemes of work and assessments to display materials and presentations.

Learning Outcomes

Pupils will learn about:

  • The structure and role of Parliament, and how it differs to the Government
  • The House of Commons and the House of Lords and their members
  • What is involved in parliamentary debating and why it is important
  • How laws are made and why they are important
  • Democracy in the UK, including how general elections work and how governments are formed

Practical Information

This resource is made up of lesson plans, PowerPoint slides and activity sheets for a total of five lessons.

Time required: 5 hours max.

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