My Parliamentary Scrap Book: 11-14 booklet

My Parliamentary Scrap Book: 11-14 booklet

Designed for students aged 11-14, My Parliamentary Scrap Book covers a year in Parliament.

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My Parliamentary Scrap Book is a booklet designed for students, aged 11-14, that covers the key events in a school year relating to democracy and Parliament.

From big events, like the State Opening of Parliament, to school council elections and campaigns, it explains the relevance of Parliament’s work to students’ lives.

Containing fun facts, lots of illustrations, a glossary of key terms, classroom debating activities, and links to find out more, it is designed to appeal to lower secondary students learning about Citizenship and political literacy.

Learning outcomes

Students will learn the basics about:

  • Elections and voting (including school council elections)
  • The State Opening of Parliament
  • What Parliament does and how it is different from the government
  • How a law is made
  • MPs and Lords: who they are and what they do
  • The Suffragettes and the campaign for votes for women
  • Debating and campaigning

Practical information

You can download the My Parliamentary Scrap Book in English or Welsh.  Packs of 30 copies are available to order for free.

To order My Parliamentary Scrap Book contact:

Edcoms, FREEPOST RR59, Lakeside, Rochester, Kent, ME2 4BR

Tel: 0871 472 3016 Fax: 01634 290 175


Please state the number of publications you require and whether you would like them in English or Welsh. Please allow 10 working days for your order to arrive.


pdf file - 4.72 MB
Download PDF of Scrap Book

Supporting resources

Welsh version: Fy Llyfr Lloffion Senneddol

Welsh version: Fy Llyfr Lloffion Senneddol

Download the free booklet Fy Llyfr Lloffion Senneddol for your students.

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PDF download

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