Elections and voting workshop in your school

Elections and voting workshop in your school


Event Dates: All year round

Session types: Workshops

Ages: Age 7-11, Age 11-14, Age 14-16

About the workshop

What are elections and who gets elected? Our interactive and engaging Elections and Voting workshop gives your students the opportunity to explore these questions and support them in being active and informed citizens  

Content covered

Age 7-11: Years 3-6 (England and Wales) Y4-Y7 (Northern Ireland) P3-P7 (Scotland)

This workshop introduces pupils to concepts such as constituencies, manifestos, elections and political parties in a clear and interactive way.

Age 11-16: Years 7-11 (England and Wales) Y8-Y12 (Northern Ireland) S1-S4 (Scotland)

This interactive and engaging workshop will give your pupils an understanding of voting and elections in the UK, and introduce them to the First Past the Post voting system

Enquire about a visit

Enquire about a visit by completing an expression of interest form. We reserve the right to prioritise certain requests to guarantee a proportionate geographic and demographic split of visitors.

This workshop is also available in Welsh. Please let us know when completing your expression of interest form if you would like the session delivered in Welsh.

Mae'r gweithdy yma hefyd ar gael yn y Gymraeg. Gadewch i ni wybod pam yn cwblhau'r ffurflen mynegi diddordeb os hoffech chi gael y sesiwn drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg.

For any other enquiries about our outreach visits, please contact engage@parliament.uk.