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School visits FAQs

School visits FAQs

What is the maximum number of students I can bring? 

Individual tour with workshop timeslots have a minimum ratio of adults to pupils: 

  • Age 5-7: 1 adult to 7 pupils 
  • Age 7-18: 1 adult to 15 pupils. 

You can book up to three timeslots per term If you would like to bring more students than a timeslot can accommodate you will need to book multiple timeslots.

What is the minimum number per group? 

The minimum group size is 5 students. Groups which do not fill the full capacity of a timeslot may be combined with another small group in the same session. Any groups smaller than this size may not be able to take part in a pre-booked workshop due to the minimum requirement.

What ages do you cater for?

Bookings are open to school ages 5-18 and ages 5-19 for SEND groups. Unfortunately, we cannot offer places to groups older than Year 13 because of the limited number of places available which are always over-subscribed. 

Can we bring a group of university/PGCE/adult students? 

University and adult groups should contact us on 020 7219 1650 or your local MP. Find the name of your local MP. Citizenship PGCE students should email

What happens if we are late? 

Please telephone us as soon as possible on 020 7219 4496 and indicate when you expect to arrive. The visit will still finish at the published time but we will adapt the programme to include as much as possible within the time slot. Unfortunately, we are unable to be flexible with end times due to the popularity of the programme.

Can we eat our lunch in Parliament? 

We have a lunch area that is available to all groups on a Tour and Workshop programme for half an hour after the workshop finish time. It is not available to groups on the ‘Story of Parliament’ tour. The Education Centre is also next to Victoria Tower Gardens, which is the ideal place for a picnic! 

Is there parking available? 

There are drop off points alongside Abington Street.

Is there provision for groups with special educational needs? 

We welcome visits from groups with SEND, including groups from Pupil Referral Units. Please contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and adaptations you may need. We also have an SEND Quiet Day once a term for SEND school groups. Parliament has a hoist toilet, please let us know in advance if you would require access to this.

Is the Palace of Westminster accessible to wheelchair users? 

Yes it is although at some points along the tour an alternative route is taken. Please let us know of any wheelchair users or mobility needs in advance of the visit so that we can ensure a smooth running visit. There are appropriate toilet facilities for wheelchair users in all buildings and along the visitor route.

Do we need to contact our MP in advance?

As part of tour and workshop sessions, we always invite your local MP to a Q&A on your behalf, which is part of your visit. If your visit is scheduled on a Friday or during recess it is unlikely that your local MP will be in Westminster. For groups on the ‘Story of Parliament’ tour, we inform your local MP know that your group is coming - you can then make your own arrangements to meet once the tour has finished. 

Can we take photographs? 

You can take photos in Westminster Hall and St Stephen's Hall. Your guide will point this out and ensure time for photos is included. 

Do you have information to help us to prepare in advance for our visit? 

Visit the Teach section of Parliament's Education Service website for lesson plans, videos, games and printed resources