Early day motion 142


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Total number of signatures: 70

Ali, Rushanara Antoniazzi, Tonia Blackford, Ian Bottomley, Peter
Brake, Tom Brock, Deidre Brown, Alan Cable, Vincent
Carmichael, Alistair Crawley, Angela Cruddas, Jon Cunningham, Alex
Cunningham, Jim Davey, Edward Day, Martyn Doughty, Stephen
Drew, David Edwards, Jonathan Farron, Tim Flynn, Paul
Gethins, Stephen Gibson, Patricia Godsiff, Roger Grady, Patrick
Grant, Peter Gray, Neil Green, Kate Harman, Harriet
Hendry, Drew Hermon, Lady Hobhouse, Wera Hosie, Stewart
Jardine, Christine Lake, Ben Lamb, Norman Law, Chris
Lefroy, Jeremy Lewis, Clive Linden, David Lloyd, Stephen
Lucas, Caroline MacNeil, Angus Martin, Sandy McDonald, Stewart
McDonald, Stuart McKinnell, Catherine McNally, John Mearns, Ian
Moran, Layla O'Hara, Brendan O'Mara, Jared Pollard, Luke
Saville Roberts, Liz Shannon, Jim Sheppard, Tommy Smith, Angela C
Smith, Laura Snell, Gareth Sobel, Alex Stephens, Christopher
Stone, Jamie Streeting, Wes Swinson, Jo Thewliss, Alison
Thomas, Gareth (Harrow West) Walker, Thelma Whitford, Philippa Williams, Hywel
Wishart, Pete Zeichner, Daniel

That this House deeply regrets the decision by the supermarket Sainsbury's to drop the Fairtrade mark for its own-brand tea and develop its own certification scheme; notes that the Fairtrade Foundation is a respected organisation and part of a global network that strives to ensure that farmers and workers in developing countries get a better deal for their produce; considers the distinctive and globally-recognised Fairtrade mark to be synonymous with ethical trade and quality for UK consumers; further notes that, in 2015, the UK Fairtrade market was worth an estimated £1.6 billion in retail sales, generating an estimated £29.8 million in Fairtrade Premium, a communal fund for workers and farmers to use, as they see fit, to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions; notes that the Fairtrade Standard protects workers' basic rights, including ensuring a safe working environment, the right to join a trade union and negotiate with their employer on wages and conditions, and prohibits discrimination and forced or illegal child labour; considers the Fairtrade Foundation to have a proven track record over 25 years of making a real and significant difference to the lives of farmers and workers, and of supporting better farming, strong cooperatives and investment in collective assets to improve crops and yields; and urges other supermarkets to remain with and strengthen their commitment to Fairtrade certification.