Early day motion 88


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Total number of signatures: 94

Ahmed-Sheikh, Tasmina Amess, David Arkless, Richard Black, Mhairi
Blackford, Ian Blackman, Bob Bottomley, Peter Bridgen, Andrew
Brock, Deidre Brown, Alan Brown, Nicholas Campbell, Gregory
Campbell, Ronnie Cash, William Cherry, Joanna Cooper, Rosie
Cowan, Ronnie Crawley, Angela Cruddas, Jon Cunningham, Jim
David, Wayne Davies, Geraint Day, Martyn Dodds, Nigel
Donaldson, Jeffrey Donaldson, Stuart Dowd, Jim Edwards, Jonathan
Elliott, Tom Ellman, Louise Esterson, Bill Evans, Nigel
Ferrier, Margaret Flello, Robert Fletcher, Colleen Flynn, Paul
Gapes, Mike Gethins, Stephen Gibson, Patricia Glindon, Mary
Godsiff, Roger Grady, Patrick Gray, Neil Henderson, Gordon
Hendry, Drew Hermon, Lady Hoey, Kate Hopkins, Kelvin
Kerevan, George Law, Chris Leigh, Edward Lewis, Julian
Lucas, Caroline Mann, Scott Marsden, Gordon McCabe, Steve
McCaig, Callum McDonald, Stuart McDonnell, Alasdair McGarry, Natalie
McGinn, Conor McGovern, Alison McLaughlin, Anne McNally, John
Meale, Alan Mearns, Ian Monaghan, Carol Monaghan, Paul
Mulholland, Greg Mullin, Roger Newlands, Gavin Nicolson, John
Olney, Sarah Oswald, Kirsten Paterson, Steven Pugh, John
Qureshi, Yasmin Robinson, Gavin Rosindell, Andrew Saville Roberts, Liz
Shannon, Jim Sharma, Virendra Sheerman, Barry Sheppard, Tommy
Simpson, David Stephens, Christopher Stringer, Graham Tami, Mark
Thompson, Owen Umunna, Chuka Vickers, Martin Williams, Mark
Wilson, Corri Wilson, Sammy

That this House recognises the enormous contribution to Britain of the former Hong Kong armed forces from 1857 until 1997; believes that those remaining soldiers of the Hong Kong Military Service Corps and the Hong Kong Royal Naval Service who did not receive a UK passport following the handover of Hong Kong to China should now be offered that choice; notes that not more than some 500 soldiers were given a UK passport in 1997 under the then passport selection scheme; further notes that the remainder of the Military Service Corps and some 100 Royal Naval servicemen were left behind; acknowledges that these men and their ancestors have served UK commitments in South East Asia greatly, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Britain throughout two world wars, as well as alongside Britain in France, Burma, Korea, Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and the UN for King, Queen and country; and calls on the Government to recognise that the decision not to have asked each serviceman to freely transfer their nationality from British-Hong Kong to Hong Kong-Chinese was unjust and an error that should now be rectified.