Early day motion 539


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Total number of signatures: 90

Ali, Rushanara Anderson, David Barron, Kevin Blenkinsop, Tom
Blomfield, Paul Boswell, Phil Brown, Alan Brown, Nicholas
Buck, Karen Butler, Dawn Byrne, Liam Cadbury, Ruth
Campbell, Ronnie Cooper, Julie Cooper, Rosie Coyle, Neil
Cruddas, Jon Cryer, John Cunningham, Jim Debbonaire, Thangam
Donaldson, Jeffrey Dowd, Jim Durkan, Mark Edwards, Jonathan
Ellman, Louise Esterson, Bill Field, Frank Fitzpatrick, Jim
Flynn, Paul Glindon, Mary Godsiff, Roger Goodman, Helen
Gray, Neil Haigh, Louise Hamilton, Fabian Hayes, Helen
Hendrick, Mark Hendry, Drew Hepburn, Stephen Hermon, Lady
Hoey, Kate Hopkins, Kelvin Howarth, George Hunt, Tristram
Huq, Rupa Hussain, Imran Kaufman, Gerald Kinnock, Stephen
Lammy, David Lewis, Ivan Lucas, Caroline Mactaggart, Fiona
Mann, John Matheson, Chris McDonagh, Siobhain McDonnell, Alasdair
McGinn, Conor McGovern, Alison McInnes, Liz Meale, Alan
Mearns, Ian Mulholland, Greg Osamor, Kate Owen, Albert
Phillips, Jess Qureshi, Yasmin Reed, Jamie Rimmer, Marie
Ritchie, Margaret Robinson, Gavin Rotheram, Steve Ryan, Joan
Saville Roberts, Liz Sharma, Virendra Sherriff, Paula Siddiq, Tulip
Skinner, Dennis Slaughter, Andy Starmer, Keir Stevens, Jo
Streeting, Wes Stringer, Graham Thomas, Gareth (Harrow West) Timms, Stephen
Vaz, Keith Vaz, Valerie Weir, Mike Williams, Hywel
Williams, Mark Wilson, Sammy

That this House recognises that junior doctors are dedicated professionals who are the backbone of the NHS, providing the best quality care for their patients; believes it is essential to ensure a contract that is safe for patients, junior doctors and the NHS; supports the view of the BMA's Junior Doctors Committee that the best outcome for junior doctors is a contract agreed through genuine and meaningful negotiations and therefore calls on the Secretary of State for Health to drop all preconditions; further believes it is essential that proper hours safeguards are introduced to protect patients and their doctors, together with proper recognition of unsocial hours as a premium time, and an agreement that work on Saturdays and late evenings cannot be considered the same as daytime on a weekday; believes there should be no disadvantage for those working unsocial hours compared to the current system, nor for those working less than full time and taking parental leave; is concerned that the NHS Trust's responsibility to monitor the number of hours worked has been withdrawn and urges its reintroduction; further recognises that junior doctors already work seven days a week for emergency work, and that the barriers to extend that to non-urgent elective work are the lack of complementary services, for example social care packages and pharmacists, not doctors' working patterns; and urges the Secretary of State to accurately reflect this reality in his statements, to work to restore morale within the NHS, and to bring an evidence-based approach to renewed negotiations.

Amendment 539A1 - JUNIOR DOCTORS

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Total number of signatures: 27

Ahmed-Sheikh, Tasmina Bardell, Hannah Blackford, Ian Brock, Deidre
Cameron, Lisa Cherry, Joanna Crawley, Angela Day, Martyn
Docherty, Martin Donaldson, Stuart Grady, Patrick Harris, Carolyn
Law, Chris McCaig, Callum McDonald, Stewart Monaghan, Carol
Monaghan, Paul Newlands, Gavin Nicolson, John Oswald, Kirsten
Paterson, Steven Robertson, Angus Sheppard, Tommy Stephens, Christopher
Thewliss, Alison Thompson, Owen Whitford, Philippa

at end add 'and; while the Scottish Government has no intention to enforce contract change upon junior doctors in Scotland, this House wishes to show solidarity with junior doctors within NHS England and does not wish to see a return to an unsafe culture of long working hours.'.