Early day motion 900


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Total number of signatures: 91

Abbott, Diane Ainsworth, Bob Anderson, David Barron, Kevin
Begg, Anne Bellingham, Henry Benyon, Richard Betts, Clive
Blomfield, Paul Blunkett, David Bottomley, Peter Brooke, Annette
Caton, Martin Champion, Sarah Chapman, Jenny Clark, Katy
Clwyd, Ann Connarty, Michael Cooper, Rosie Corbyn, Jeremy
Crausby, David Cunningham, Alex Cunningham, Jim Cunningham, Tony
Davidson, Ian Davies, Geraint Dobbin, Jim Dobson, Frank
Dodds, Nigel Donaldson, Jeffrey Doran, Frank Dowd, Jim
Durkan, Mark Edwards, Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Jim Flello, Robert
Flynn, Paul Galloway, George Gapes, Mike George, Andrew
Gilbert, Stephen Glindon, Mary Godsiff, Roger Hancock, Mike
Havard, Dai Hemming, John Henderson, Gordon Hermon, Lady
Hoey, Kate Hood, Jim Hopkins, Kelvin Jackson, Glenda
Jarvis, Dan Jowell, Tessa Lazarowicz, Mark Leech, John
Lewis, Julian Lloyd, Stephen Llwyd, Elfyn Long, Naomi
Lucas, Caroline McCrea, Dr William McDonnell, John Miller, Andrew
Morden, Jessica Morris, Grahame M Mowat, David O'Donnell, Fiona
Owen, Albert Pearce, Teresa Pugh, John Qureshi, Yasmin
Reckless, Mark Ritchie, Margaret Robertson, John Ruane, Chris
Ruddock, Joan Sanders, Adrian Shannon, Jim Simpson, David
Stephenson, Andrew Streeter, Gary Swales, Ian Tami, Mark
Vaz, Valerie Walley, Joan Ward, David Williams, Mark
Williams, Roger Williamson, Chris Wood, Mike Roy

That this House recognises that victims of domestic violence and abuse are being placed at risk when forced to give their safe address in open court in unrelated proceedings; supports Eve's Law to address this dangerous anomaly; further supports Eve's Marker which would red flag the personal information of a victim of abuse as confidential and highly sensitive and would ensure that the data would never be publicly disclosed unless exceptional circumstances demanded it; notes that Eve's Law would protect victims of domestic violence in court on an unrelated matter; further notes that Eve's Law would close an anomaly which may deter victims of domestic violence from reporting abuse; and urges the Government to introduce Eve's Law.