Early day motion 773


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Total number of signatures: 127

Abbott, Diane Aldous, Peter Anderson, David Barron, Kevin
Begg, Anne Bellingham, Henry Benyon, Richard Brady, Graham
Brooke, Annette Brown, Nicholas Burley, Aidan Campbell, Gregory
Campbell, Menzies Carmichael, Neil Caton, Martin Clappison, James
Clark, Katy Connarty, Michael Cooper, Rosie Corbyn, Jeremy
Crausby, David Crockart, Mike Crouch, Tracey Cryer, John
Cunningham, Alex Cunningham, Jim Cunningham, Tony Davidson, Ian
Davies, David TC Davies, Glyn Dobbin, Jim Dobson, Frank
Dodds, Nigel Dowd, Jim Durkan, Mark Ellman, Louise
Esterson, Bill Evans, Nigel Farrelly, Paul Field, Frank
Fitzpatrick, Jim Flynn, Paul Gapes, Mike George, Andrew
Gilmore, Sheila Glass, Pat Glindon, Mary Godsiff, Roger
Goldsmith, Zac Gray, James Halfon, Robert Hancock, Mike
Harvey, Nick Hemming, John Hendry, Charles Hermon, Lady
Heyes, David Hoey, Kate Hood, Jim Hopkins, Kelvin
Horwood, Martin Howarth, George Huppert, Julian Jackson, Glenda
Jenkin, Bernard Joyce, Eric Knight, Greg Lazarowicz, Mark
Leech, John Llwyd, Elfyn Long, Naomi Love, Andrew
Lucas, Caroline Main, Anne Mann, John Marsden, Gordon
McCrea, Dr William McDonnell, Alasdair Meale, Alan Miller, Andrew
Morrice, Graeme Morris, Grahame M Murphy, Paul O'Donnell, Fiona
Osborne, Sandra Ottaway, Richard Paisley, Ian Jnr Parish, Neil
Pugh, John Qureshi, Yasmin Riordan, Linda Ritchie, Margaret
Robertson, Laurence Rosindell, Andrew Roy, Lindsay Ruane, Chris
Ruddock, Joan Russell, Bob Sanders, Adrian Shannon, Jim
Sheerman, Barry Sheridan, Jim Simpson, David Skinner, Dennis
Smith, Nick Smith, Robert Soames, Nicholas Stephenson, Andrew
Streeter, Gary Stringer, Graham Stunell, Andrew Syms, Robert
Teather, Sarah Thornton, Mike Vaz, Valerie Walley, Joan
Ward, David Weatherley, Mike Weir, Mike Williams, Hywel
Williams, Mark Williams, Roger Wilson, Sammy Wishart, Pete
Wood, Mike Roy Wright, Simon Yeo, Tim

That this House notes with alarm that an estimated 40,000 African elephants are killed each year, one every 15 minutes, out of a total population of 400,000; recognises that the profits from the illegal wildlife trade pose an increasing threat to security by funding criminal gangs and terrorism, including al-Shabab, the Somali cell of al-Qaeda; welcomes the Government's active role as a party to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and its support for a total ban on ivory sales; further welcomes the training and support provided by the British Army for the Kenya Wildlife Services anti-poaching rangers; further welcomes the Foreign Secretary's initiative to host a high-level conference on illegal wildlife trade in February 2014; encourages the Government in its efforts to secure a commitment from the international community to work together to reduce demand for wildlife products, to enforce the law, and to provide sustainable alternative livelihoods; and calls on the Government to encourage international support for the protection of elephants which are now universally acknowledged as intelligent, social, sentient beings and to use the overseas aid budget to make a substantial and strategically important contribution to the African Elephant Action Plan adopted in 2010 by all 38 African Elephant Range States in order to enable African countries to take the necessary steps to protect their elephants from poachers and to stop the illegal trafficking of ivory.