Early day motion 701


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Total number of signatures: 103

Abbott, Diane Ainsworth, Bob Anderson, David Barron, Kevin
Bayley, Hugh Begg, Anne Betts, Clive Brooke, Annette
Bruce, Malcolm Campbell, Ronnie Caton, Martin Champion, Sarah
Clark, Katy Clarke, Tom Connarty, Michael Cooper, Rosie
Crockart, Mike Cunningham, Jim Cunningham, Tony Davidson, Ian
Dobbin, Jim Dodds, Nigel Doran, Frank Dowd, Jim
Durkan, Mark Engel, Natascha Esterson, Bill Flello, Robert
Gapes, Mike George, Andrew Gilmore, Sheila Glass, Pat
Glindon, Mary Godsiff, Roger Hamilton, Fabian Hancock, Mike
Harris, Tom Harvey, Nick Havard, Dai Hemming, John
Hepburn, Stephen Hermon, Lady Heyes, David Hoey, Kate
Hood, Jim Howarth, George Huppert, Julian Jowell, Tessa
Lavery, Ian Lazarowicz, Mark Leech, John Lloyd, Stephen
Llwyd, Elfyn Long, Naomi Love, Andrew Lucas, Caroline
Mann, John McCrea, Dr William McDonnell, Alasdair McDonnell, John
Meacher, Michael Meale, Alan Mearns, Ian Miller, Andrew
Mitchell, Austin Morrice, Graeme Morris, Grahame M Mulholland, Greg
O'Donnell, Fiona Owen, Albert Pugh, John Qureshi, Yasmin
Reid, Alan Ritchie, Margaret Robertson, Angus Robertson, John
Rotheram, Steve Roy, Lindsay Ruddock, Joan Russell, Bob
Sanders, Adrian Shannon, Jim Sharma, Virendra Sheerman, Barry
Streeter, Gary Stringer, Graham Stunell, Andrew Swales, Ian
Tami, Mark Teather, Sarah Thurso, John Vaz, Valerie
Walley, Joan Ward, David Weir, Mike Whiteford, Eilidh
Williams, Mark Williams, Roger Wilson, Sammy Wishart, Pete
Wood, Mike Roy Wright, David Wright, Simon

That this House supports the call by Parkinsons UK, the MS Society, the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust for the improvement of the work capability assessment as outlined in their submission to the assessment's fourth independent review; notes their evidence that 45 per cent of people with progressive illnesses who have applied for employment and support allowance have been told that they could recover enough to return to work; recognises the pain and suffering that many people with progressive illnesses face on a daily basis and that the work capability assessment currently adds to this; further notes that many people with progressive illnesses have been valuable contributors to the UK economy and society and will only submit a claim for the benefit as a last resort; calls on the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to ensure that anyone with a prognosis of being unlikely to return to work in the longer term is placed into the support group, rather than allocated to the work-related activity group; further calls on the DWP to oblige Atos healthcare professionals to seek further evidence to clinically justify their recommendations on likely return to work before being able to place anyone with a progressive condition in the work-related activity group; and further calls on the DWP to abandon prognosis statements, which advise that a return to work could be considered in a certain timeframe, if that person has a debilitating progressive condition.