Early day motion 358


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Total number of signatures: 24

Blomfield, Paul Caton, Martin Corbyn, Jeremy Dobbin, Jim
Durkan, Mark Farron, Tim Flynn, Paul George, Andrew
Godsiff, Roger Hancock, Mike Hopkins, Kelvin Jackson, Glenda
Kaufman, Gerald Leech, John Llwyd, Elfyn Lucas, Caroline
Morris, Grahame M Mudie, George Riordan, Linda Ritchie, Margaret
Ruddock, Joan Russell, Bob Williams, Mark Williams, Roger

That this House condemns G4S for providing services to Israeli prisons to which Palestinian prisoners are illegally transferred in serious violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and also, in the case of child prisoners, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child; further condemns G4S for being associated with treatment of Palestinian prisoners, including children, who are routinely subjected to violence and inhumane treatment at G4S-serviced prisons in Israel and Palestine; and urges the Government not to renew any contracts with G4S while it continues to support Israel in its breach of human rights, UN resolutions, international law and the Geneva Convention.