Early day motion 1281


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Total number of signatures: 16

Bayley, Hugh Bottomley, Peter Campbell, Ronnie Caton, Martin
Cooper, Rosie Corbyn, Jeremy Dobbin, Jim Flynn, Paul
Hancock, Mike Leech, John Llwyd, Elfyn McDonnell, John
Mulholland, Greg Osborne, Sandra Ward, David Williams, Mark

That this House notes it is 25 years since Beer Orders were introduced in 1989 by a Conservative Prime Minister and Chancellor to break up the unhealthy dominance of the big six brewers which restricted choice for consumers and access to the market for small brewers; believes that the Government was right and courageous to take action, showing that Conservative Ministers do intervene in markets when they are failing consumers; further notes that due to industry lobbying the Government ignored the advice of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) and did not introduce a pub ownership limit for non-brewing companies, a fundamental flaw that led to the creation of the large pubcos; further notes that before Beer Orders, there were big six brewers dominating the market, now there are six big pubcos and the large leased pubcos have abused the traditional brewery tie making it unfair for licensees and bad for customers; further believes that 25 years on the Government must put right the flaw in the Beer Orders by introducing a market rent only option for the tenants of the large companies; further notes that this is a market-based solution that would open the market and give consumers a better deal; and urges Ministers not to give in to well-funded, self-interested lobbying by the large pubcos and their lobbyists, the British Beer and Pub Association; and instead listen to CAMRA, the Federation of Small Businesses and the Forum of Private Business.