Early day motion 874


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Total number of signatures: 8

Campbell, Ronnie Caton, Martin Corbyn, Jeremy Flynn, Paul
Hancock, Mike Hopkins, Kelvin McDonnell, John Sharma, Virendra

That this House is concerned that the disgraced General Petraeus, when he was the top US commander in Afghanistan, allowed lobbyists Frederick and Kimberly Kagan unique access to secret information and private meetings; notes that the Kagans used these privileges to advocate substantive changes in the US war plan, including a harder-edged approach that intensified war activity; is alarmed at reports that they repeatedly campaigned against peace initiatives; concludes that the Kagans' activity served the commercial interests of their defence contractors' paymasters; and believes their lobbying added to NATO and Afghan casualties killed in avoidable conflicts fomented in the commercial interest of US defence companies.