Early day motion 440


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Total number of signatures: 29

Anderson, David Bottomley, Peter Caton, Martin Clark, Katy
Corbyn, Jeremy Crausby, David Dobbin, Jim Durkan, Mark
Edwards, Jonathan Flynn, Paul Francis, Hywel Galloway, George
Glindon, Mary Hermon, Lady Hopkins, Kelvin Leech, John
Long, Naomi McDonnell, Alasdair McDonnell, John McGovern, Jim
Meale, Alan Osborne, Sandra Ritchie, Margaret Rogerson, Dan
Shannon, Jim Sharma, Virendra Slaughter, Andy Williams, Hywel
Williams, Mark

That this House notes with alarm the report from Physicians for Human Rights on Weaponising Tear Gas highlighting the use of toxic chemical agents by Bahraini security forces against civilians; further notes with concern its findings that Barhraini forces failed to exercise restraint before resorting to force, used disproportionate force when responding to protesters and failed to minimise damage and injury to demonstrators; draws particular attention to seven instances of miscarriages where the pregnant woman had recently been heavily exposed to tear-gas as well as to an earlier list compiled by Physicians for Human Rights of 34 individuals who have died in Bahrain in a 12-month period from tear-gas related deaths; opposes reprisals against Bahraini pro-democracy protesters including the nine medics who had their convictions upheld in June; and calls on the Government to ensure that human rights concerns form the centre-point of all discussions with the Bahraini government until such time that the human rights situation in that country improves.