Early day motion 193


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Total number of signatures: 120

Alexander, Heidi Allen, Graham Anderson, David Bailey, Adrian
Bayley, Hugh Begg, Anne Blunkett, David Bottomley, Peter
Brooke, Annette Burden, Richard Campbell, Ronnie Caton, Martin
Clark, Katy Clarke, Tom Clwyd, Ann Connarty, Michael
Cooper, Rosie Corbyn, Jeremy Crausby, David Crockart, Mike
Cryer, John Cunningham, Jim Cunningham, Tony Davidson, Ian
Dobbin, Jim Donaldson, Jeffrey Doran, Frank Dowd, Jim
Durkan, Mark Edwards, Jonathan Engel, Natascha Esterson, Bill
Evans, Chris Evans, Jonathan Farron, Tim Field, Frank
Flynn, Paul Francis, Hywel Gapes, Mike George, Andrew
Gilbert, Stephen Gilmore, Sheila Glass, Pat Glindon, Mary
Godsiff, Roger Goggins, Paul Hamilton, Fabian Hancock, Mike
Harvey, Nick Hemming, John Henderson, Gordon Hepburn, Stephen
Heyes, David Hodge, Margaret Hood, Jim Hopkins, Kelvin
Howarth, George Hughes, Simon Jackson, Glenda Kaufman, Gerald
Lazarowicz, Mark Leech, John Lloyd, Stephen Llwyd, Elfyn
Long, Naomi Lucas, Caroline Main, Anne Mann, John
Marsden, Gordon McDonnell, John McKenzie, Iain Meale, Alan
Mearns, Ian Mercer, Patrick Mitchell, Austin Morden, Jessica
Morrice, Graeme Morris, Grahame M Mudie, George Mulholland, Greg
Murphy, Paul O'Donnell, Fiona Osborne, Sandra Owen, Albert
Parish, Neil Pugh, John Qureshi, Yasmin Reevell, Simon
Reid, Alan Riordan, Linda Ritchie, Margaret Robertson, Angus
Robertson, John Robinson, Geoffrey Rogerson, Dan Rotheram, Steve
Ruddock, Joan Russell, Bob Sanders, Adrian Sharma, Virendra
Sheridan, Jim Simpson, David Skinner, Dennis Smith, Nick
Smith, Robert Tami, Mark Thurso, John Vickers, Martin
Walley, Joan Ward, David Watts, Dave Weatherley, Mike
Weir, Mike Williams, Mark Williams, Stephen Winnick, David
Wishart, Pete Wood, Mike Roy Wright, David Wright, Simon

That this House opposes the removal of the ban on using stray cats and dogs in experiments in the transposition of European Union Directive 2010/63/EU; and supports the call by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection for a full debate on the floor of the House to examine this and other serious concerns before the transposition process is completed.


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Total number of signatures: 6

Campbell, Menzies Galloway, George Huppert, Julian Stunell, Andrew
Weatherley, Mike Williams, Roger

leave out from `House' to end and add `opposes the use of stray cats and dogs in experiments; and notes that in the RSPCA report that they have looked very carefully into the use of stray animals for research, and `believe there will not, in fact, be any change to the current situation in the UK - and that the intention of the Home Office remains NOT to allow the use of any stray animals.'.