Early day motion 258


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Total number of signatures: 126

Alexander, Danny Amess, David Atkins, Charlotte Baker, Norman
Barrett, John Battle, John Beith, Alan Bottomley, Peter
Brady, Graham Breed, Colin Brooke, Annette Brown, Russell
Browne, Jeremy Bruce, Malcolm Burgon, Colin Burstow, Paul
Burt, Lorely Cable, Vincent Campbell, Gregory Campbell, Menzies
Carmichael, Alistair Caton, Martin Challen, Colin Clapham, Michael
Clark, Katy Cohen, Harry Cook, Frank Crausby, David
Cryer, Ann Cummings, John Davies, Dai Davies, David TC
Davies, Philip Dean, Janet Devine, Jim Dismore, Andrew
Dobbin, Jim Dodds, Nigel Donaldson, Jeffrey Drew, David
Etherington, Bill Evans, Nigel Featherstone, Lynne Fisher, Mark
Gapes, Mike George, Andrew Gerrard, Neil Gidley, Sandra
Goldsworthy, Julia Gray, James Grogan, John Hamilton, Fabian
Hancock, Mike Harris, Evan Havard, Dai Hepburn, Stephen
Hoey, Kate Holmes, Paul Hopkins, Kelvin Horwood, Martin
Hoyle, Lindsay Hughes, Simon Huhne, Chris Hunter, Mark
Iddon, Brian Illsley, Eric Jenkins, Brian Jones, Lynne
Jones, Martyn Keetch, Paul Knight, Greg Lamb, Norman
Leech, John Lepper, David Luff, Peter Maclean, David
Malins, Humfrey Mallaber, Judy Mason, John McCafferty, Chris
McCrea, Dr William McDonnell, Alasdair Morgan, Julie Mulholland, Greg
Murphy, Denis Murphy, Paul Oaten, Mark Olner, Bill
Opik, Lembit Pelling, Andrew Prentice, Gordon Pugh, John
Reid, Alan Rogerson, Dan Rooney, Terry Sanders, Adrian
Sarwar, Mohammad Scott, Lee Shepherd, Richard Short, Clare
Simpson, Alan Smith, Geraldine Spink, Bob Stoate, Howard
Stunell, Andrew Swinson, Jo Swire, Hugo Taylor, Matthew
Teather, Sarah Thurso, John Touhig, Don Vis, Rudi
Wallace, Ben Walley, Joan Wareing, Robert N Watkinson, Angela
Williams, Betty Williams, Mark Williams, Roger Williams, Stephen
Willott, Jenny Wilshire, David Winterton, Ann Winterton, Nicholas
Wood, Mike Roy Younger-Ross, Richard

That this House notes with concern that high street banks are planning to stop accepting cheques despite protest from consumer groups and businesses; further notes that nearly four million cheques are still being written each day and that many people still prefer to pay for goods and services in this way; is concerned that the Payments Council which represents the major banks will vote in December 2009 on whether or not to scrap the cheque as a method of payment; believes many people, particularly the elderly, would be inconvenienced as a result; calls upon the Government to remind the banks that they exist to serve customers and not the other way round; and urges the banks to reconsider their proposals to abolish the cheque.