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That this House agrees with the Save Our Sound UK campaign that wireless microphones are essential to live music, musical theatre, newsgathering, filmmaking, television production, sports events, concerts, conferences and community events in the UK; understands that over 95 per cent. of stocks of existing equipment will become redundant as a consequence of the impending clearance of the radio spectrum that they use; notes that this spectrum, once cleared, will be auctioned with significant revenues going to government; recognises that if these activities are to continue at current levels then all affected equipment will need to be replaced, at significant cost; further understands that Ofcom has consulted on a compensation package that the Government has committed to provide in its Digital Britain White Paper; but notes that Ofcom's proposals would only entitle some users to partial replacement costs, and the rest to nothing; is concerned that many of those who own and supply existing equipment could not afford to replace entire inventories, jeopardising all productions that depend on them; and therefore urges the Government to provide a compensation package that covers all fifteen spectrum channels being cleared, and at levels that cover the full costs of replacing existing equipment with like-for-like alternatives as this would prevent serious damage to this vital part of the UK's creative industries at a small fraction of the revenues that the spectrum auctions are likely to generate for government.

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Total number of signatures: 165

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Showing 165 out of 165

Name Party Constituency Date Signed
Abbott, Diane Labour Party Hackney North and Stoke Newington 21.01.2010
Ainsworth, Peter Conservative Party East Surrey 05.01.2010
Anderson, David Labour Party Blaydon 15.12.2009
Austin, John Labour Party Erith and Thamesmead 10.12.2009
Baker, Norman Liberal Democrats Lewes 02.02.2010
Baldry, Tony Conservative Party Banbury 14.12.2009
Barlow, Celia Labour Party Hove 18.01.2010
Barrett, John Liberal Democrats Edinburgh West 02.12.2009
Barron, Kevin Labour Party Rother Valley 12.01.2010
Battle, John Labour Party Leeds West 02.12.2009
Bayley, Hugh Labour Party City of York 03.02.2010
Beith, Alan Liberal Democrats Berwick-Upon-Tweed 05.01.2010
Bone, Peter Conservative Party Wellingborough 27.01.2010
Borrow, David S Labour Party South Ribble 11.01.2010
Bottomley, Peter Conservative Party Worthing West 02.12.2009
Brady, Graham Conservative Party Altrincham and Sale West 05.01.2010
Breed, Colin Liberal Democrats South East Cornwall 14.12.2009
Brooke, Annette Liberal Democrats Mid Dorset and North Poole 13.01.2010
Browne, Jeremy Liberal Democrats Taunton 10.03.2010
Burns, Simon Conservative Party West Chelmsford 14.12.2009
Cable, Vincent Liberal Democrats Twickenham 25.01.2010
Caton, Martin Labour Party Gower 08.12.2009
Cawsey, Ian Labour Party Brigg and Goole 08.12.2009
Chope, Christopher Conservative Party Christchurch 28.01.2010
Clapham, Michael Labour Party Barnsley West and Penistone 10.12.2009
Clelland, David Labour Party Tyne Bridge 14.12.2009
Cohen, Harry Labour Party Leyton and Wanstead 16.12.2009
Connarty, Michael Labour Party Linlithgow and East Falkirk 05.01.2010
Cook, Frank Labour Party Stockton North 14.12.2009
Corbyn, Jeremy Labour Party Islington North 10.02.2010
Cousins, Jim Labour Party Newcastle upon Tyne Central 15.12.2009
Cryer, Ann Labour Party Keighley 07.12.2009
Cunningham, Jim Labour Party Coventry South 10.12.2009
Curry, David Conservative Party Skipton and Ripon 16.12.2009
Davey, Edward Liberal Democrats Kingston and Surbiton 23.02.2010
Davidson, Ian Labour Party Glasgow South West 07.04.2010
Davies, Dai INDEPENDENT Blaenau Gwent 16.12.2009
Davies, Philip Conservative Party Shipley 07.12.2009
Dean, Janet Labour Party Burton 24.02.2010
Devine, Jim Labour Party Livingston 26.01.2010
Dhanda, Parmjit Labour Party Gloucester 14.12.2009
Dismore, Andrew Labour Party Hendon 03.12.2009
Dobbin, Jim Labour Party Heywood and Middleton 09.12.2009
Dobson, Frank Labour Party Holborn and St Pancras 16.12.2009
Doran, Frank Labour Party Aberdeen North 14.12.2009
Dowd, Jim Labour Party Lewisham West 06.01.2010
Drew, David Labour Party Stroud 03.12.2009
Durkan, Mark Social Democratic and Labour Party Foyle 02.12.2009
Ellman, Louise Labour Party Liverpool Riverside 12.01.2010
Evans, Nigel Conservative Party Ribble Valley 07.12.2009
Fallon, Michael Conservative Party Sevenoaks 09.03.2010
Farron, Tim Liberal Democrats Westmorland and Lonsdale 28.01.2010
Featherstone, Lynne Liberal Democrats Hornsey and Wood Green 13.01.2010
Field, Frank Labour Party Birkenhead 05.01.2010
Field, Mark Conservative Party Cities of London and Westminster 14.12.2009
Foster, Don Liberal Democrats Bath 16.12.2009
George, Andrew Liberal Democrats St Ives 02.12.2009
Gerrard, Neil Labour Party Walthamstow 02.12.2009
Gidley, Sandra Liberal Democrats Romsey 15.12.2009
Godsiff, Roger Labour Party Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath 11.01.2010
Goldsworthy, Julia Liberal Democrats Falmouth and Camborne 06.01.2010
Hamilton, Fabian Labour Party Leeds North East 01.02.2010
Hancock, Mike Liberal Democrats Portsmouth South 07.12.2009
Harvey, Nick Liberal Democrats North Devon 14.12.2009
Havard, Dai Labour Party Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney 08.12.2009
Heald, Oliver Conservative Party North East Hertfordshire 05.01.2010
Heath, David Liberal Democrats Somerton and Frome 21.01.2010
Hemming, John Liberal Democrats Birmingham Yardley 03.12.2009
Hermon, Lady Ulster Unionist Party North Down 13.01.2010
Hoey, Kate Labour Party Vauxhall 09.12.2009
Holmes, Paul Liberal Democrats Chesterfield 08.12.2009
Hopkins, Kelvin Labour Party Luton North 05.01.2010
Horam, John Conservative Party Orpington 12.01.2010
Hosie, Stewart Scottish National Party Dundee East 20.01.2010
Howarth, David Liberal Democrats Cambridge 07.01.2010
Howarth, George Labour Party Knowsley North and Sefton East 14.12.2009
Howells, Kim Labour Party Pontypridd 20.01.2010
Hughes, Simon Liberal Democrats North Southwark and Bermondsey 08.02.2010
Huhne, Chris Liberal Democrats Eastleigh 13.01.2010
Humble, Joan Labour Party Blackpool North and Fleetwood 19.01.2010
Hunter, Mark Liberal Democrats Cheadle 09.12.2009
Illsley, Eric Labour Party Barnsley Central 07.12.2009
Jenkins, Brian Labour Party Tamworth 10.12.2009
Jones, Lynne Labour Party Birmingham Selly Oak 03.12.2009
Jones, Martyn Labour Party Clwyd South 05.02.2010
Keetch, Paul Liberal Democrats Hereford 15.12.2009
Key, Robert Conservative Party Salisbury 15.12.2009
Kramer, Susan Liberal Democrats Richmond Park 24.02.2010
Laing, Eleanor Conservative Party Epping Forest 14.12.2009
Lamb, Norman Liberal Democrats North Norfolk 19.01.2010
Laws, David Liberal Democrats Yeovil 22.03.2010
Laxton, Bob Labour Party Derby North 11.01.2010
Lazarowicz, Mark Labour Party Edinburgh North and Leith 05.01.2010
Leech, John Liberal Democrats Manchester Withington 09.12.2009
Llwyd, Elfyn Plaid Cymru Meirionnydd Nant Conwy 13.01.2010
Luff, Peter Conservative Party Mid Worcestershire 02.12.2009
Mackinlay, Andrew Labour Party Thurrock 02.12.2009
MacNeil, Angus Scottish National Party Na h-Eileanan an Iar 20.01.2010
Main, Anne Conservative Party St Albans 15.12.2009
Marsden, Gordon Labour Party Blackpool South 09.12.2009
Martlew, Eric Labour Party Carlisle 22.02.2010
Mates, Michael Conservative Party East Hampshire 12.01.2010
McCafferty, Chris Labour Party Calder Valley 05.01.2010
McGovern, Jim Labour Party Dundee West 13.01.2010
McIsaac, Shona Labour Party Cleethorpes 20.01.2010
Mitchell, Austin Labour Party Great Grimsby 09.12.2009
Moffat, Anne Labour Party East Lothian 13.01.2010
Moore, Michael Liberal Democrats Berwickshire Roxburgh and Selkirk 10.02.2010
Morgan, Julie Labour Party Cardiff North 06.01.2010
Moss, Malcolm Conservative Party North East Cambridgeshire 07.12.2009
Mulholland, Greg Liberal Democrats Leeds North West 10.02.2010
Naysmith, Doug Labour Party Bristol North West 20.01.2010
Oaten, Mark Liberal Democrats Winchester 04.02.2010
Olner, Bill Labour Party Nuneaton 10.12.2009
Opik, Lembit Liberal Democrats Montgomeryshire 04.02.2010
Osborne, Sandra Labour Party Ayr Carrick and Cumnock 03.02.2010
Pelling, Andrew INDEPENDENT Croydon Central 07.01.2010
Pound, Stephen Labour Party Ealing North 05.01.2010
Prentice, Gordon Labour Party Pendle 12.01.2010
Prosser, Gwyn Labour Party Dover 05.01.2010
Pugh, John Liberal Democrats Southport 10.12.2009
Rifkind, Malcolm Conservative Party Kensington and Chelsea 16.12.2009
Robertson, Angus Scottish National Party Moray 21.01.2010
Rogerson, Dan Liberal Democrats North Cornwall 12.01.2010
Rowen, Paul Liberal Democrats Rochdale 13.01.2010
Roy, Lindsay Labour Party Glenrothes 25.01.2010
Russell, Bob Liberal Democrats Colchester 02.12.2009
Sanders, Adrian Liberal Democrats Torbay 05.01.2010
Sarwar, Mohammad Labour Party Glasgow Central 22.03.2010
Shepherd, Richard Conservative Party Aldridge-Brownhills 15.12.2009
Short, Clare INDEPENDENT LABOUR Birmingham Ladywood 06.01.2010
Simpson, Alan Labour Party Nottingham South 07.01.2010
Singh, Marsha Labour Party Bradford West 15.12.2009
Slaughter, Andy Labour Party Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush 19.01.2010
Smith, Chloe Conservative Party Norwich North 06.01.2010
Smith, Jacqui Labour Party Redditch 24.03.2010
Soames, Nicholas Conservative Party Mid Sussex 13.01.2010
Spicer, Michael Conservative Party West Worcestershire 05.01.2010
Stewart, Ian Labour Party Eccles 15.12.2009
Stoate, Howard Labour Party Dartford 05.01.2010
Strang, Gavin Labour Party Edinburgh East 05.01.2010
Swinson, Jo Liberal Democrats East Dunbartonshire 20.01.2010
Swire, Hugo Conservative Party East Devon 05.01.2010
Syms, Robert Conservative Party Poole 22.02.2010
Taylor, Dari Labour Party Stockton South 11.01.2010
Teather, Sarah Liberal Democrats Brent East 13.01.2010
Thornberry, Emily Labour Party Islington South and Finsbury 14.01.2010
Thurso, John Liberal Democrats Caithness Sutherland and Easter Ross 16.12.2009
Truswell, Paul Labour Party Pudsey 14.12.2009
Turner, Desmond Labour Party Brighton Kemptown 19.01.2010
Vis, Rudi Labour Party Finchley and Golders Green 10.12.2009
Walley, Joan Labour Party Stoke-on-Trent North 04.02.2010
Walter, Robert Conservative Party North Dorset 05.01.2010
Webb, Steve Liberal Democrats Northavon 14.01.2010
Weir, Mike Scottish National Party Angus 20.01.2010
Whittingdale, John Conservative Party Maldon and East Chelmsford 02.12.2009
Widdecombe, Ann Conservative Party Maidstone and the Weald 13.01.2010
Williams, Betty Labour Party Conwy 07.12.2009
Willott, Jenny Liberal Democrats Cardiff Central 07.01.2010
Wilshire, David Conservative Party Spelthorne 26.02.2010
Winterton, Ann Conservative Party Congleton 03.12.2009
Wishart, Pete Scottish National Party Perth and North Perthshire 02.12.2009
Wright, Anthony D Labour Party Great Yarmouth 11.01.2010
Wyatt, Derek Labour Party Sittingbourne and Sheppey 03.12.2009
Younger-Ross, Richard Liberal Democrats Teignbridge 13.01.2010