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That this House believes that protecting vulnerable children is core business of Government; notes that research by the Children's Society indicates that 100,000 children each year run away or go missing from home or care, of whom 12 per cent. are running from abuse and around eight per cent. are hurt or harmed while away; further notes the contents of the Ten minute Rule Bill which would safeguard runaway or missing children; and calls on the Government to seek a legislative opportunity for the House to consider the Bill at an early date.

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Total number of signatures: 206

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Name Party Constituency Date Signed
Abbott, Diane Labour Party Hackney North and Stoke Newington 22.02.2007
Allen, Graham Labour Party Nottingham North 07.02.2007
Amess, David Conservative Party Southend West 19.02.2007
Anderson, Janet Labour Party Rossendale and Darwen 07.02.2007
Atkins, Charlotte Labour Party Staffordshire Moorlands 07.02.2007
Austin, John Labour Party Erith and Thamesmead 22.02.2007
Bailey, Adrian Labour Party West Bromwich West 22.02.2007
Baker, Norman Liberal Democrats Lewes 07.02.2007
Barron, Kevin Labour Party Rother Valley 07.02.2007
Battle, John Labour Party Leeds West 07.02.2007
Begg, Anne Labour Party Aberdeen South 07.02.2007
Beith, Alan Liberal Democrats Berwick-Upon-Tweed 22.02.2007
Benton, Joe Labour Party Bootle 07.02.2007
Benyon, Richard Conservative Party Newbury 01.03.2007
Bercow, John Conservative Party Buckingham 22.02.2007
Berry, Roger Labour Party Kingswood 07.02.2007
Bone, Peter Conservative Party Wellingborough 07.02.2007
Borrow, David S Labour Party South Ribble 07.02.2007
Bottomley, Peter Conservative Party Worthing West 08.02.2007
Breed, Colin Liberal Democrats South East Cornwall 19.02.2007
Brooke, Annette Liberal Democrats Mid Dorset and North Poole 07.02.2007
Brown, Lyn Labour Party West Ham 07.02.2007
Brown, Russell Labour Party Dumfries and Galloway 07.02.2007
Bryant, Chris Labour Party Rhondda 07.02.2007
Burden, Richard Labour Party Birmingham Northfield 25.10.2007
Burgon, Colin Labour Party Elmet 19.02.2007
Burstow, Paul Liberal Democrats Sutton and Cheam 07.02.2007
Butler, Dawn Labour Party Brent South 22.02.2007
Cable, Vincent Liberal Democrats Twickenham 08.02.2007
Campbell, Ronnie Labour Party Blyth Valley 22.02.2007
Caton, Martin Labour Party Gower 08.02.2007
Challen, Colin Labour Party Morley and Rothwell 07.02.2007
Chaytor, David Labour Party Bury North 07.02.2007
Clapham, Michael Labour Party Barnsley West and Penistone 07.02.2007
Clark, Katy Labour Party North Ayrshire and Arran 19.02.2007
Clark, Paul Labour Party Gillingham 07.02.2007
Clarke, Tom Labour Party Coatbridge Chryston and Bellshill 07.02.2007
Clelland, David Labour Party Tyne Bridge 07.02.2007
Clwyd, Ann Labour Party Cynon Valley 07.02.2007
Coffey, Ann Labour Party Stockport 07.02.2007
Cohen, Harry Labour Party Leyton and Wanstead 07.02.2007
Connarty, Michael Labour Party Linlithgow and East Falkirk 07.02.2007
Conway, Derek Conservative Party Old Bexley and Sidcup 22.02.2007
Cook, Frank Labour Party Stockton North 07.02.2007
Corbyn, Jeremy Labour Party Islington North 07.02.2007
Cousins, Jim Labour Party Newcastle upon Tyne Central 07.02.2007
Crausby, David Labour Party Bolton North East 07.02.2007
Cryer, Ann Labour Party Keighley 19.02.2007
Cunningham, Jim Labour Party Coventry South 07.02.2007
Curtis-Thomas, Claire Labour Party Crosby 07.02.2007
Davey, Edward Liberal Democrats Kingston and Surbiton 07.02.2007
Davidson, Ian Labour Party Glasgow South West 07.02.2007
Dean, Janet Labour Party Burton 23.02.2007
Dismore, Andrew Labour Party Hendon 07.02.2007
Dobbin, Jim Labour Party Heywood and Middleton 07.02.2007
Dobson, Frank Labour Party Holborn and St Pancras 07.02.2007
Dodds, Nigel Democratic Unionist Party Belfast North 02.05.2007
Donohoe, Brian H Labour Party Central Ayrshire 07.02.2007
Doran, Frank Labour Party Aberdeen North 22.02.2007
Dowd, Jim Labour Party Lewisham West 07.02.2007
Drew, David Labour Party Stroud 08.02.2007
Dunne, Philip Conservative Party Ludlow 22.02.2007
Ellman, Louise Labour Party Liverpool Riverside 07.02.2007
Ennis, Jeff Labour Party Barnsley East and Mexborough 07.02.2007
Etherington, Bill Labour Party Sunderland North 22.02.2007
Evans, Nigel Conservative Party Ribble Valley 08.02.2007
Fabricant, Michael Conservative Party Lichfield 07.02.2007
Farrelly, Paul Labour Party Newcastle-under-Lyme 07.02.2007
Field, Frank Labour Party Birkenhead 07.02.2007
Fisher, Mark Labour Party Stoke-on-Trent Central 07.02.2007
Flynn, Paul Labour Party Newport West 19.02.2007
Foster, Michael Jabez Labour Party Hastings and Rye 07.02.2007
Gapes, Mike Labour Party Ilford South 01.03.2007
George, Andrew Liberal Democrats St Ives 07.02.2007
George, Bruce Labour Party Walsall South 07.02.2007
Gerrard, Neil Labour Party Walthamstow 08.02.2007
Gibson, Ian Labour Party Norwich North 07.02.2007
Griffith, Nia Labour Party Llanelli 07.02.2007
Grogan, John Labour Party Selby 07.02.2007
Hall, Patrick Labour Party Bedford 07.02.2007
Hamilton, David Labour Party Midlothian 07.02.2007
Hamilton, Fabian Labour Party Leeds North East 13.03.2007
Hancock, Mike Liberal Democrats Portsmouth South 08.02.2007
Harris, Evan Liberal Democrats Oxford West and Abingdon 07.02.2007
Harvey, Nick Liberal Democrats North Devon 15.05.2007
Hemming, John Liberal Democrats Birmingham Yardley 27.02.2007
Hendrick, Mark Labour Party Preston 07.02.2007
Hepburn, Stephen Labour Party Jarrow 07.02.2007
Hermon, Lady Ulster Unionist Party North Down 07.02.2007
Hodgson, Sharon Labour Party Gateshead East and Washington West 07.02.2007
Hoey, Kate Labour Party Vauxhall 23.02.2007
Holmes, Paul Liberal Democrats Chesterfield 08.02.2007
Hopkins, Kelvin Labour Party Luton North 19.02.2007
Horam, John Conservative Party Orpington 20.02.2007
Howarth, David Liberal Democrats Cambridge 22.02.2007
Howarth, George Labour Party Knowsley North and Sefton East 07.02.2007
Hoyle, Lindsay Labour Party Chorley 07.02.2007
Huhne, Chris Liberal Democrats Eastleigh 28.02.2007
Humble, Joan Labour Party Blackpool North and Fleetwood 07.02.2007
Hunter, Mark Liberal Democrats Cheadle 20.02.2007
Iddon, Brian Labour Party Bolton South East 19.02.2007
Illsley, Eric Labour Party Barnsley Central 07.02.2007
Jackson, Stewart Conservative Party Peterborough 07.02.2007
Jenkins, Brian Labour Party Tamworth 07.02.2007
Jones, Kevan Labour Party North Durham 07.02.2007
Jones, Lynne Labour Party Birmingham Selly Oak 07.02.2007
Joyce, Eric Labour Party Falkirk 07.02.2007
Keeble, Sally Labour Party Northampton North 07.02.2007
Keeley, Barbara Labour Party Worsley 07.02.2007
Keen, Alan Labour Party Feltham and Heston 07.02.2007
Kemp, Fraser Labour Party Houghton and Washington East 22.02.2007
Kramer, Susan Liberal Democrats Richmond Park 19.02.2007
Laxton, Bob Labour Party Derby North 22.02.2007
Lazarowicz, Mark Labour Party Edinburgh North and Leith 07.02.2007
Leech, John Liberal Democrats Manchester Withington 20.02.2007
Lepper, David Labour Party Brighton Pavilion 07.02.2007
Linton, Martin Labour Party Battersea 07.02.2007
Loughton, Tim Conservative Party East Worthing and Shoreham 08.02.2007
Love, Andrew Labour Party Edmonton 07.02.2007
Mackinlay, Andrew Labour Party Thurrock 07.02.2007
MacNeil, Angus Scottish National Party Na h-Eileanan an Iar 22.02.2007
MacShane, Denis Labour Party Rotherham 07.02.2007
Mahmood, Khalid Labour Party Birmingham Perry Barr 07.02.2007
Mallaber, Judy Labour Party Amber Valley 07.02.2007
Mann, John Labour Party Bassetlaw 07.02.2007
Marris, Rob Labour Party Wolverhampton South West 07.02.2007
Marsden, Gordon Labour Party Blackpool South 07.02.2007
Marshall, David Labour Party Glasgow East 07.02.2007
Martlew, Eric Labour Party Carlisle 07.02.2007
McCafferty, Chris Labour Party Calder Valley 20.02.2007
McCarthy, Kerry Labour Party Bristol East 20.02.2007
McCrea, Dr William Democratic Unionist Party South Antrim 26.02.2007
McDonnell, John Labour Party Hayes and Harlington 22.02.2007
McGovern, Jim Labour Party Dundee West 07.02.2007
Meacher, Michael Labour Party Oldham West and Royton 07.02.2007
Meale, Alan Labour Party Mansfield 08.02.2007
Miller, Andrew Labour Party Ellesmere Port and Neston 07.02.2007
Mitchell, Austin Labour Party Great Grimsby 07.02.2007
Moffat, Anne Labour Party East Lothian 07.02.2007
Mole, Chris Labour Party Ipswich 22.02.2007
Moon, Madeleine Labour Party Bridgend 07.02.2007
Morgan, Julie Labour Party Cardiff North 12.03.2007
Mullin, Chris Labour Party Sunderland South 07.02.2007
Murphy, Denis Labour Party Wansbeck 07.02.2007
Naysmith, Doug Labour Party Bristol North West 07.02.2007
Norris, Dan Labour Party Wansdyke 07.02.2007
O'Hara, Edward Labour Party Knowsley South 08.02.2007
Olner, Bill Labour Party Nuneaton 07.02.2007
Osborne, Sandra Labour Party Ayr Carrick and Cumnock 07.02.2007
Pelling, Andrew Conservative Party Croydon Central 25.07.2007
Penning, Mike Conservative Party Hemel Hempstead 07.02.2007
Pope, Greg Labour Party Hyndburn 07.02.2007
Prentice, Gordon Labour Party Pendle 08.02.2007
Price, Adam Plaid Cymru Carmarthen East and Dinefwr 07.02.2007
Prosser, Gwyn Labour Party Dover 07.02.2007
Pugh, John Liberal Democrats Southport 07.02.2007
Purchase, Ken Labour Party Wolverhampton North East 07.02.2007
Reid, Alan Liberal Democrats Argyll and Bute 13.06.2007
Rennie, Willie Liberal Democrats Dunfermline and West Fife 20.02.2007
Riordan, Linda Labour Party Halifax 20.02.2007
Robertson, John Labour Party Glasgow North West 07.02.2007
Robinson, Geoffrey Labour Party Coventry North West 07.02.2007
Rooney, Terry Labour Party Bradford North 22.02.2007
Rowen, Paul Liberal Democrats Rochdale 18.04.2007
Russell, Bob Liberal Democrats Colchester 08.02.2007
Salter, Martin Labour Party Reading West 07.02.2007
Sanders, Adrian Liberal Democrats Torbay 07.02.2007
Sarwar, Mohammad Labour Party Glasgow Central 26.02.2007
Sheerman, Barry Labour Party Huddersfield 07.02.2007
Sheridan, Jim Labour Party Paisley and Renfrewshire North 07.02.2007
Simpson, Alan Labour Party Nottingham South 07.02.2007
Singh, Marsha Labour Party Bradford West 22.02.2007
Skinner, Dennis Labour Party Bolsover 08.02.2007
Smith, John P Labour Party Vale of Glamorgan 07.02.2007
Smith, Robert Liberal Democrats West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine 22.02.2007
Southworth, Helen Labour Party Warrington South 07.02.2007
Spink, Bob Conservative Party Castle Point 07.02.2007
Stewart, Ian Labour Party Eccles 07.02.2007
Stoate, Howard Labour Party Dartford 07.02.2007
Stringer, Graham Labour Party Manchester Blackley 07.02.2007
Stunell, Andrew Liberal Democrats Hazel Grove 20.02.2007
Swinson, Jo Liberal Democrats East Dunbartonshire 19.02.2007
Taylor, Dari Labour Party Stockton South 07.02.2007
Taylor, David Labour Party North West Leicestershire 07.02.2007
Taylor, Ian Conservative Party Esher and Walton 23.02.2007
Tipping, Paddy Labour Party Sherwood 07.02.2007
Todd, Mark Labour Party South Derbyshire 07.02.2007
Truswell, Paul Labour Party Pudsey 21.02.2007
Turner, Desmond Labour Party Brighton Kemptown 07.02.2007
Vis, Rudi Labour Party Finchley and Golders Green 21.02.2007
Waltho, Lynda Labour Party Stourbridge 07.02.2007
Wareing, Robert N Labour Party Liverpool West Derby 22.02.2007
Webb, Steve Liberal Democrats Northavon 07.02.2007
Williams, Betty Labour Party Conwy 19.02.2007
Williams, Stephen Liberal Democrats Bristol West 22.02.2007
Willis, Phil Liberal Democrats Harrogate and Knaresborough 07.02.2007
Wilshire, David Conservative Party Spelthorne 19.02.2007
Winnick, David Labour Party Walsall North 07.02.2007
Winterton, Ann Conservative Party Congleton 07.02.2007
Winterton, Nicholas Conservative Party Macclesfield 23.02.2007
Wood, Mike Roy Labour Party Batley and Spen 22.02.2007
Wright, Anthony D Labour Party Great Yarmouth 07.02.2007
Wright, David Labour Party Telford 22.02.2007
Wright, Tony Labour Party Cannock Chase 22.02.2007
Wyatt, Derek Labour Party Sittingbourne and Sheppey 19.02.2007
Younger-Ross, Richard Liberal Democrats Teignbridge 19.02.2007