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That this House welcomes the United Kingdom Government's commitment to the Millennium Development Goals; notes with concern that the current debt crisis, trade injustice and shortcomings of aid further exacerbate poverty, inequality, the HIV/AIDS crisis and environmental degradation across the developing world; notes that if the international community is to make poverty history then there needs to be further co-ordinated political action by the world's governments, including the United Kingdom, aimed at trade justice, dropping the debt and providing more and better aid; and calls on the United Kingdom Government to lead the way for change and use its influence when it holds the presidency of the G8 and chairs the EU to make poverty history in 2005.

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Total number of signatures: 454

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Showing 454 out of 454

Name Party Constituency Date Signed
Abbott, Diane Labour Party Hackney North and Stoke Newington 29.11.2004
Ainsworth, Peter Conservative Party East Surrey 23.11.2004
Allan, Richard Liberal Democrats Sheffield Hallam 23.11.2004
Amess, David Conservative Party Southend West 29.11.2004
Anderson, Donald Labour Party Swansea East 23.11.2004
Anderson, Janet Labour Party Rossendale and Darwen 09.03.2005
Atherton, Candy Labour Party Falmouth and Camborne 12.01.2005
Atkinson, David Conservative Party Bournemouth East 17.03.2005
Atkinson, Peter Conservative Party Hexham 02.03.2005
Austin, John Labour Party Erith and Thamesmead 23.11.2004
Bacon, Richard Conservative Party South Norfolk 21.02.2005
Bailey, Adrian Labour Party West Bromwich West 02.12.2004
Baird, Vera Labour Party Redcar 24.11.2004
Baker, Norman Liberal Democrats Lewes 09.12.2004
Baldry, Tony Conservative Party Banbury 23.11.2004
Banks, Tony Labour Party West Ham 09.03.2005
Barker, Gregory Conservative Party Bexhill and Battle 17.03.2005
Barnes, Harry Labour Party North East Derbyshire 29.11.2004
Baron, John Conservative Party Billericay 01.03.2005
Barrett, John Liberal Democrats Edinburgh West 23.11.2004
Barron, Kevin Labour Party Rother Valley 23.11.2004
Battle, John Labour Party Leeds West 23.11.2004
Bayley, Hugh Labour Party City of York 23.11.2004
Beard, Nigel Labour Party Bexleyheath and Crayford 16.03.2005
Begg, Anne Labour Party Aberdeen South 23.11.2004
Beggs, Roy Ulster Unionist Party East Antrim 24.11.2004
Beith, Alan Liberal Democrats Berwick-Upon-Tweed 29.11.2004
Bellingham, Henry Conservative Party North West Norfolk 14.03.2005
Bennett, Andrew Labour Party Denton and Reddish 15.03.2005
Benton, Joe Labour Party Bootle 06.12.2004
Bercow, John Conservative Party Buckingham 23.11.2004
Berry, Roger Labour Party Kingswood 02.12.2004
Best, Harold Labour Party Leeds North West 01.12.2004
Betts, Clive Labour Party Sheffield Attercliffe 07.12.2004
Blackman, Liz Labour Party Erewash 23.11.2004
Blizzard, Bob Labour Party Waveney 21.02.2005
Blunt, Crispin Conservative Party Reigate 01.03.2005
Borrow, David S Labour Party South Ribble 01.12.2004
Boswell, Tim Conservative Party Daventry 02.03.2005
Bottomley, Peter Conservative Party Worthing West 29.11.2004
Bottomley, Virginia Conservative Party South West Surrey 02.12.2004
Bradley, Keith Labour Party Manchester Withington 30.11.2004
Bradley, Peter Labour Party The Wrekin 23.11.2004
Brake, Tom Liberal Democrats Carshalton and Wallington 23.11.2004
Brazier, Julian Conservative Party Canterbury 24.11.2004
Breed, Colin Liberal Democrats South East Cornwall 24.11.2004
Brooke, Annette Liberal Democrats Mid Dorset and North Poole 23.11.2004
Brown, Nicholas Labour Party Newcastle upon Tyne East and Wallsend 09.12.2004
Brown, Russell Labour Party Dumfries 23.11.2004
Bruce, Malcolm Liberal Democrats Gordon 03.03.2005
Bryant, Chris Labour Party Rhondda 23.11.2004
Buck, Karen Labour Party Regent's Park and Kensington North 23.11.2004
Burden, Richard Labour Party Birmingham Northfield 30.11.2004
Burgon, Colin Labour Party Elmet 29.11.2004
Burnett, John Liberal Democrats Torridge and West Devon 25.01.2005
Burnham, Andy Labour Party Leigh 14.03.2005
Burns, Simon Conservative Party West Chelmsford 14.03.2005
Burnside, David Ulster Unionist Party South Antrim 08.03.2005
Burstow, Paul Liberal Democrats Sutton and Cheam 01.12.2004
Burt, Alistair Conservative Party North East Bedfordshire 24.11.2004
Butterfill, John Conservative Party Bournemouth West 04.02.2005
Cable, Vincent Liberal Democrats Twickenham 14.12.2004
Calton, Patsy Liberal Democrats Cheadle 23.11.2004
Cameron, David Conservative Party Witney 25.01.2005
Campbell, Anne Labour Party Cambridge 30.11.2004
Campbell, Gregory Democratic Unionist Party Londonderry East 24.11.2004
Campbell, Menzies Liberal Democrats North East Fife 29.11.2004
Campbell, Ronnie Labour Party Blyth Valley 15.12.2004
Carmichael, Alistair Liberal Democrats Orkney and Shetland 23.11.2004
Casale, Roger Labour Party Wimbledon 07.03.2005
Cash, William Conservative Party Stone 10.03.2005
Caton, Martin Labour Party Gower 24.11.2004
Challen, Colin Labour Party Morley and Rothwell 23.11.2004
Chapman, Sydney Conservative Party Chipping Barnet 29.11.2004
Chaytor, David Labour Party Bury North 02.03.2005
Chidgey, David Liberal Democrats Eastleigh 08.12.2004
Clapham, Michael Labour Party Barnsley West and Penistone 29.11.2004
Clappison, James Conservative Party Hertsmere 14.03.2005
CLARK, HELEN Labour Party Peterborough 23.11.2004
Clarke, Tom Labour Party Coatbridge and Chryston 08.02.2005
Clarke, Tony Labour Party Northampton South 21.12.2004
Clelland, David Labour Party Tyne Bridge 29.11.2004
Clwyd, Ann Labour Party Cynon Valley 15.03.2005
Coffey, Ann Labour Party Stockport 10.03.2005
Cohen, Harry Labour Party Leyton and Wanstead 29.11.2004
Coleman, Iain Labour Party Hammersmith and Fulham 17.01.2005
Colman, Tony Labour Party Putney 25.11.2004
Connarty, Michael Labour Party Falkirk East 01.12.2004
Conway, Derek Conservative Party Old Bexley and Sidcup 24.11.2004
Cook, Frank Labour Party Stockton North 07.02.2005
Cook, Robin Labour Party Livingston 16.03.2005
Corbyn, Jeremy Labour Party Islington North 24.11.2004
Cotter, Brian Liberal Democrats Weston-super-Mare 23.11.2004
Cousins, Jim Labour Party Newcastle upon Tyne Central 08.02.2005
Cox, Tom Labour Party Tooting 24.11.2004
Cranston, Ross Labour Party Dudley North 06.12.2004
Crausby, David Labour Party Bolton North East 23.11.2004
Cruddas, Jon Labour Party Dagenham 14.12.2004
Cryer, Ann Labour Party Keighley 29.11.2004
Cryer, John Labour Party Hornchurch 29.11.2004
Cummings, John Labour Party Easington 29.11.2004
Cunningham, Jim Labour Party Coventry South 23.11.2004
Cunningham, Tony Labour Party Workington 23.11.2004
Curry, David Conservative Party Skipton and Ripon 03.02.2005
Curtis-Thomas, Claire Labour Party Crosby 01.12.2004
Dalyell, Tam Labour Party Linlithgow 06.12.2004
Davey, Edward Liberal Democrats Kingston and Surbiton 23.11.2004
Davey, Valerie Labour Party Bristol West 23.11.2004
David, Wayne Labour Party Caerphilly 09.12.2004
Davidson, Ian Labour Party Glasgow Pollok 14.03.2005
Davies, Denzil Labour Party Llanelli 07.03.2005
Davies, Geraint Labour Party Croydon Central 13.12.2004
Davies, Quentin Conservative Party Grantham and Stamford 01.12.2004
Davis, David Conservative Party Haltemprice and Howden 02.03.2005
Dawson, Hilton Labour Party Lancaster and Wyre 10.03.2005
Dean, Janet Labour Party Burton 02.12.2004
Dhanda, Parmjit Labour Party Gloucester 01.12.2004
Dismore, Andrew Labour Party Hendon 23.11.2004
Djanogly, Jonathan Conservative Party Huntingdon 23.03.2005
Dobbin, Jim Labour Party Heywood and Middleton 29.11.2004
Dobson, Frank Labour Party Holborn and St Pancras 23.11.2004
Dodds, Nigel Democratic Unionist Party Belfast North 02.03.2005
Donaldson, Jeffrey Democratic Unionist Party Lagan Valley 15.12.2004
Donohoe, Brian H Labour Party Cunninghame South 30.11.2004
Doran, Frank Labour Party Aberdeen Central 02.12.2004
Dorrell, Stephen Conservative Party Charnwood 24.01.2005
Doughty, Sue Liberal Democrats Guildford 23.11.2004
Dowd, Jim Labour Party Lewisham West 07.12.2004
Drew, David Labour Party Stroud 23.11.2004
Drown, Julia Labour Party South Swindon 23.11.2004
Duncan, Alan Conservative Party Rutland and Melton 11.01.2005
Duncan, Peter Conservative Party Galloway and Upper Nithsdale 01.03.2005
Eagle, Angela Labour Party Wallasey 23.11.2004
Edwards, Huw Labour Party Monmouth 24.11.2004
Efford, Clive Labour Party Eltham 08.03.2005
Ellman, Louise Labour Party Liverpool Riverside 09.12.2004
Ennis, Jeff Labour Party Barnsley East and Mexborough 23.11.2004
Etherington, Bill Labour Party Sunderland North 06.12.2004
Evans, Nigel Conservative Party Ribble Valley 21.02.2005
Ewing, Annabelle Scottish National Party Perth 08.12.2004
Fabricant, Michael Conservative Party Lichfield 08.02.2005
Fallon, Michael Conservative Party Sevenoaks 28.02.2005
Farrelly, Paul Labour Party Newcastle-under-Lyme 24.11.2004
Field, Frank Labour Party Birkenhead 22.02.2005
Fisher, Mark Labour Party Stoke-on-Trent Central 23.11.2004
Fitzsimons, Lorna Labour Party Rochdale 07.12.2004
Flight, Howard Conservative Party Arundel and South Downs 24.01.2005
Flook, Adrian Conservative Party Taunton 01.02.2005
Flynn, Paul Labour Party Newport West 14.12.2004
Follett, Barbara Labour Party Stevenage 06.12.2004
Foster, Derek Labour Party Bishop Auckland 08.12.2004
Foster, Don Liberal Democrats Bath 23.11.2004
Foster, Michael Jabez Labour Party Hastings and Rye 23.11.2004
Foster, Michael John Labour Party Worcester 23.11.2004
Foulkes, George Labour Party Carrick Cumnock and Doon Valley 23.11.2004
Fox, Liam Conservative Party Woodspring 18.01.2005
Francis, Hywel Labour Party Aberavon 07.02.2005
Francois, Mark Conservative Party Rayleigh 15.03.2005
Galloway, George Respect Glasgow Kelvin 20.01.2005
Gapes, Mike Labour Party Ilford South 10.01.2005
Garnier, Edward Conservative Party Harborough 17.01.2005
George, Andrew Liberal Democrats St Ives 23.11.2004
George, Bruce Labour Party Walsall South 07.12.2004
Gerrard, Neil Labour Party Walthamstow 06.12.2004
Gibson, Ian Labour Party Norwich North 07.03.2005
Gidley, Sandra Liberal Democrats Romsey 23.11.2004
Gill, Parmjit Singh Liberal Democrats Leicester South 02.12.2004
Gillan, Cheryl Conservative Party Chesham and Amersham 26.01.2005
Godsiff, Roger Labour Party Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath 31.01.2005
Goodman, Paul Conservative Party Wycombe 28.02.2005
Gray, James Conservative Party North Wiltshire 08.03.2005
Grayling, Chris Conservative Party Epsom and Ewell 14.03.2005
Green, Damian Conservative Party Ashford 26.01.2005
Green, Matthew Liberal Democrats Ludlow 09.02.2005
Greenway, John Conservative Party Ryedale 08.02.2005
Grieve, Dominic Conservative Party Beaconsfield 16.03.2005
Griffiths, Jane Labour Party Reading East 17.03.2005
Griffiths, Win Labour Party Bridgend 24.11.2004
Grogan, John Labour Party Selby 29.11.2004
Gummer, John Conservative Party Suffolk Coastal 09.12.2004
Hall, Patrick Labour Party Bedford 23.11.2004
Hamilton, David Labour Party Midlothian 08.12.2004
Hamilton, Fabian Labour Party Leeds North East 24.11.2004
Hancock, Mike Liberal Democrats Portsmouth South 23.11.2004
Harris, Evan Liberal Democrats Oxford West and Abingdon 23.11.2004
Harvey, Nick Liberal Democrats North Devon 24.11.2004
Havard, Dai Labour Party Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney 10.02.2005
Heald, Oliver Conservative Party North East Hertfordshire 01.02.2005
Heath, David Liberal Democrats Somerton and Frome 24.11.2004
Henderson, Doug Labour Party Newcastle upon Tyne North 13.12.2004
Hendrick, Mark Labour Party Preston 01.12.2004
Hendry, Charles Conservative Party Wealden 11.01.2005
Hepburn, Stephen Labour Party Jarrow 13.12.2004
Hermon, Lady Ulster Unionist Party North Down 08.12.2004
Hesford, Stephen Labour Party Wirral West 29.11.2004
Heyes, David Labour Party Ashton under Lyne 24.11.2004
Hinchliffe, David Labour Party Wakefield 23.11.2004
Hoey, Kate Labour Party Vauxhall 07.02.2005
Holmes, Paul Liberal Democrats Chesterfield 23.11.2004
Hood, Jim Labour Party Clydesdale 29.11.2004
Hopkins, Kelvin Labour Party Luton North 20.12.2004
Horam, John Conservative Party Orpington 25.01.2005
Howarth, Alan Labour Party Newport East 23.11.2004
Howarth, George Labour Party Knowsley North and Sefton East 31.01.2005
Hoyle, Lindsay Labour Party Chorley 23.11.2004
Hughes, Beverley Labour Party Stretford and Urmston 09.02.2005
Hughes, Kevin Labour Party Doncaster North 23.03.2005
Hughes, Simon Liberal Democrats North Southwark and Bermondsey 30.11.2004
Humble, Joan Labour Party Blackpool North and Fleetwood 23.11.2004
Hume, John Social Democratic and Labour Party Foyle 06.12.2004
Hunter, Andrew Independent Conservative Basingstoke 01.03.2005
Hurst, Alan Labour Party Braintree 13.12.2004
Iddon, Brian Labour Party Bolton South East 24.11.2004
Illsley, Eric Labour Party Barnsley Central 30.11.2004
Jack, Michael Conservative Party Fylde 14.03.2005
Jackson, Glenda Labour Party Hampstead and Highgate 23.11.2004
Jackson, Helen Labour Party Sheffield Hillsborough 23.11.2004
Jackson, Robert Labour Party Wantage 02.03.2005
Jenkin, Bernard Conservative Party North Essex 10.02.2005
Jenkins, Brian Labour Party Tamworth 13.01.2005
Johnson, Boris Conservative Party Henley 10.01.2005
Jones, Helen Labour Party Warrington North 29.11.2004
Jones, Jon Owen Labour Party Cardiff Central 06.12.2004
Jones, Kevan Labour Party North Durham 14.03.2005
Jones, Lynne Labour Party Birmingham Selly Oak 29.11.2004
Jones, Martyn Labour Party Clwyd South 23.11.2004
Jones, Nigel Liberal Democrats Cheltenham 29.11.2004
Kaufman, Gerald Labour Party Manchester Gorton 17.01.2005
Keeble, Sally Labour Party Northampton North 23.11.2004
Keen, Alan Labour Party Feltham and Heston 24.11.2004
Keen, Ann Labour Party Brentford and Isleworth 08.03.2005
Keetch, Paul Liberal Democrats Hereford 24.11.2004
Key, Robert Conservative Party Salisbury 24.01.2005
Khabra, Piara S Labour Party Ealing Southall 24.11.2004
Kidney, David Labour Party Stafford 24.11.2004
King, Andy Labour Party Rugby and Kenilworth 23.11.2004
Kirkbride, Julie Conservative Party Bromsgrove 18.01.2005
Kirkwood, Archy Liberal Democrats Roxburgh and Berwickshire 16.12.2004
Knight, Jim Labour Party South Dorset 31.01.2005
Laing, Eleanor Conservative Party Epping Forest 02.02.2005
Lait, Jacqui Conservative Party Beckenham 01.03.2005
Lamb, Norman Liberal Democrats North Norfolk 23.11.2004
Lansley, Andrew Conservative Party South Cambridgeshire 21.03.2005
Laws, David Liberal Democrats Yeovil 11.01.2005
Lazarowicz, Mark Labour Party Edinburgh North and Leith 25.11.2004
Leigh, Edward Conservative Party Gainsborough 12.01.2005
Lepper, David Labour Party Brighton Pavilion 04.03.2005
Letwin, Oliver Conservative Party West Dorset 10.01.2005
Lewis, Julian Conservative Party New Forest East 01.03.2005
Lewis, Terry Labour Party Worsley 09.03.2005
Lidington, David Conservative Party Aylesbury 25.01.2005
Lilley, Peter Conservative Party Hitchin and Harpenden 10.02.2005
Lloyd, Tony Labour Party Manchester Central 24.11.2004
Llwyd, Elfyn Plaid Cymru Meirionnydd Nant Conwy 24.11.2004
Loughton, Tim Conservative Party East Worthing and Shoreham 24.11.2004
Love, Andrew Labour Party Edmonton 24.11.2004
Lucas, Ian Labour Party Wrexham 24.11.2004
Luff, Peter Conservative Party Mid Worcestershire 24.02.2005
Luke, Iain Labour Party Dundee East 21.02.2005
Lyons, John Labour Party Strathkelvin and Bearsden 14.12.2004
Macdonald, Calum Labour Party Western Isles 30.11.2004
MacDougall, John Labour Party Central Fife 30.11.2004
MacKay, Andrew Conservative Party Bracknell 13.01.2005
Mackinlay, Andrew Labour Party Thurrock 01.12.2004
Mahmood, Khalid Labour Party Birmingham Perry Barr 24.11.2004
Mahon, Alice Labour Party Halifax 30.11.2004
Malins, Humfrey Conservative Party Woking 03.03.2005
Mallaber, Judy Labour Party Amber Valley 02.03.2005
Mallon, Seamus Social Democratic and Labour Party Newry and Armagh 04.03.2005
Mann, John Labour Party Bassetlaw 25.11.2004
Marris, Rob Labour Party Wolverhampton South West 23.11.2004
Marsden, Gordon Labour Party Blackpool South 08.03.2005
Marsden, Paul Liberal Democrats Shrewsbury and Atcham 17.01.2005
Marshall, David Labour Party Glasgow Shettleston 01.12.2004
Marshall-Andrews, Robert Labour Party Medway 01.12.2004
Martlew, Eric Labour Party Carlisle 23.11.2004
Mates, Michael Conservative Party East Hampshire 24.11.2004
Mawhinney, Brian Conservative Party North West Cambridgeshire 05.04.2005
May, Theresa Conservative Party Maidenhead 31.01.2005
McCafferty, Chris Labour Party Calder Valley 23.11.2004
McDonnell, John Labour Party Hayes and Harlington 30.11.2004
McFall, John Labour Party Dumbarton 23.11.2004
McGrady, Eddie Social Democratic and Labour Party South Down 13.12.2004
McIntosh, Anne Conservative Party Vale of York 08.03.2005
McKechin, Ann Labour Party Glasgow Maryhill 23.11.2004
McKenna, Rosemary Labour Party Cumbernauld and Kilsyth 10.03.2005
McLoughlin, Patrick Conservative Party West Derbyshire 23.03.2005
McNamara, Kevin Labour Party Kingston upon Hull North 24.11.2004
McWalter, Tony Labour Party Hemel Hempstead 25.02.2005
McWilliam, John Labour Party Blaydon 07.12.2004
Meacher, Michael Labour Party Oldham West and Royton 24.01.2005
Meale, Alan Labour Party Mansfield 24.11.2004
Mercer, Patrick Conservative Party Newark 10.02.2005
Mitchell, Andrew Conservative Party Sutton Coldfield 07.03.2005
Mitchell, Austin Labour Party Great Grimsby 08.12.2004
Moffatt, Laura Labour Party Crawley 01.12.2004
Mole, Chris Labour Party Ipswich 23.11.2004
Moore, Michael Liberal Democrats Tweeddale Ettrick and Lauderdale 01.12.2004
Morgan, Julie Labour Party Cardiff North 23.11.2004
Mudie, George Labour Party Leeds East 23.11.2004
Murphy, Denis Labour Party Wansbeck 24.01.2005
Murrison, Andrew Conservative Party Westbury 09.02.2005
Naysmith, Doug Labour Party Bristol North West 09.02.2005
Oaten, Mark Liberal Democrats Winchester 10.01.2005
O'Brien, Stephen Conservative Party Eddisbury 03.02.2005
O'Hara, Edward Labour Party Knowsley South 06.12.2004
Olner, Bill Labour Party Nuneaton 23.11.2004
O'Neill, Martin Labour Party Ochil 23.11.2004
Opik, Lembit Liberal Democrats Montgomeryshire 14.12.2004
Organ, Diana Labour Party Forest of Dean 30.11.2004
Osborne, George Conservative Party Tatton 10.02.2005
Osborne, Sandra Labour Party Ayr Carrick and Cumnock 29.11.2004
Ottaway, Richard Conservative Party Croydon South 09.03.2005
Owen, Albert Labour Party Ynys Môn 02.12.2004
Page, Richard Conservative Party South West Hertfordshire 11.01.2005
Paice, James Conservative Party South East Cambridgeshire 08.03.2005
Paisley, Ian Democratic Unionist Party North Antrim 08.03.2005
Perham, Linda Labour Party Ilford North 23.11.2004
Pickles, Eric Conservative Party Brentwood and Ongar 05.04.2005
Pike, Peter L Labour Party Burnley 23.11.2004
Plaskitt, James Labour Party Warwick and Leamington 23.11.2004
Pollard, Kerry Labour Party St Albans 08.03.2005
Pope, Greg Labour Party Hyndburn 01.12.2004
Pound, Stephen Labour Party Ealing North 23.11.2004
Prentice, Gordon Labour Party Pendle 23.11.2004
Price, Adam Plaid Cymru Carmarthen East and Dinefwr 30.11.2004
Prisk, Mark Conservative Party Hertford and Stortford 31.01.2005
Prosser, Gwyn Labour Party Dover 21.02.2005
Pugh, John Liberal Democrats Southport 23.11.2004
Purchase, Ken Labour Party Wolverhampton North East 23.11.2004
Quin, Joyce Labour Party Gateshead East and Washington West 29.11.2004
Randall, John Conservative Party Uxbridge 24.01.2005
Rapson, Syd Labour Party Portsmouth North 30.11.2004
Redwood, John Conservative Party Wokingham 01.03.2005
Reed, Andy Labour Party Loughborough 23.11.2004
Reid, Alan Liberal Democrats Argyll and Bute 23.11.2004
Rendel, David Liberal Democrats Newbury 01.03.2005
Robertson, Angus Scottish National Party Moray 10.01.2005
Robertson, Hugh Conservative Party Faversham and Mid Kent 21.03.2005
Robertson, John Labour Party Glasgow Anniesland 01.12.2004
Robertson, Laurence Conservative Party Tewkesbury 23.11.2004
Robinson, Geoffrey Labour Party Coventry North West 23.11.2004
Robinson, Iris Democratic Unionist Party Strangford 01.03.2005
Robinson, Peter Democratic Unionist Party Belfast East 31.01.2005
Roche, Barbara Labour Party Hornsey and Wood Green 04.03.2005
Roe, Marion Conservative Party Broxbourne 23.11.2004
Rooney, Terry Labour Party Bradford North 24.11.2004
Rosindell, Andrew Conservative Party Romford 17.03.2005
Ross, Ernie Labour Party Dundee West 30.11.2004
Roy, Frank Labour Party Motherwell and Wishaw 15.03.2005
Ruane, Chris Labour Party Vale of Clwyd 24.11.2004
Ruddock, Joan Labour Party Lewisham Deptford 29.11.2004
Ruffley, David Conservative Party Bury St Edmunds 08.02.2005
Russell, Bob Liberal Democrats Colchester 23.11.2004
Russell, Christine Labour Party City of Chester 29.11.2004
Salmond, Alex Scottish National Party Banff and Buchan 29.11.2004
Salter, Martin Labour Party Reading West 23.11.2004
Sanders, Adrian Liberal Democrats Torbay 23.11.2004
Sarwar, Mohammad Labour Party Glasgow Govan 29.11.2004
Savidge, Malcolm Labour Party Aberdeen North 21.12.2004
Sawford, Phil Labour Party Kettering 23.11.2004
Sayeed, Jonathan Conservative Party Mid Bedfordshire 23.02.2005
Sedgemore, Brian Labour Party Hackney South and Shoreditch 30.11.2004
Selous, Andrew Conservative Party South West Bedfordshire 08.12.2004
Shaw, Jonathan Labour Party Chatham and Aylesford 23.11.2004
Sheerman, Barry Labour Party Huddersfield 01.03.2005
Shephard, Gillian Conservative Party South West Norfolk 03.03.2005
Shepherd, Richard Conservative Party Aldridge-Brownhills 01.03.2005
Sheridan, Jim Labour Party West Renfrewshire 24.11.2004
Shipley, Debra Labour Party Stourbridge 23.11.2004
Short, Clare Labour Party Birmingham Ladywood 01.02.2005
Simon, Sion Labour Party Birmingham Erdington 17.03.2005
Simpson, Alan Labour Party Nottingham South 13.12.2004
Singh, Marsha Labour Party Bradford West 23.11.2004
Skinner, Dennis Labour Party Bolsover 06.12.2004
Smith, Chris Labour Party Islington South and Finsbury 10.01.2005
Smith, Geraldine Labour Party Morecambe and Lunesdale 05.04.2005
Smith, Llew Labour Party Blaenau Gwent 20.12.2004
Smith, Robert Liberal Democrats West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine 23.11.2004
Smyth, Martin Ulster Unionist Party Belfast South 30.11.2004
Soames, Nicholas Conservative Party Mid Sussex 09.03.2005
Soley, Clive Labour Party Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush 24.11.2004
Spelman, Caroline Conservative Party Meriden 01.02.2005
Spicer, Michael Conservative Party West Worcestershire 07.02.2005
Spink, Bob Conservative Party Castle Point 25.11.2004
Stanley, John Conservative Party Tonbridge and Malling 14.03.2005
Steinberg, Gerry Labour Party City of Durham 30.11.2004
Stevenson, George Labour Party Stoke-on-Trent South 06.12.2004
Stinchcombe, Paul Labour Party Wellingborough 30.11.2004
Strang, Gavin Labour Party Edinburgh East and Musselburgh 23.11.2004
Streeter, Gary Conservative Party South West Devon 15.03.2005
Stringer, Graham Labour Party Manchester Blackley 16.03.2005
Stunell, Andrew Liberal Democrats Hazel Grove 23.11.2004
Swayne, Desmond Conservative Party New Forest West 04.04.2005
Swire, Hugo Conservative Party East Devon 25.01.2005
Syms, Robert Conservative Party Poole 28.02.2005
Tami, Mark Labour Party Alyn and Deeside 23.11.2004
Taylor, Dari Labour Party Stockton South 02.03.2005
Taylor, David Labour Party North West Leicestershire 24.11.2004
Taylor, Ian Conservative Party Esher and Walton 07.03.2005
Taylor, John Conservative Party Solihull 01.03.2005
Taylor, Matthew Liberal Democrats Truro and St Austell 04.02.2005
Taylor, Richard INDEPENDENT Wyre Forest 24.11.2004
Taylor, Teddy Conservative Party Rochford and Southend East 24.11.2004
Teather, Sarah Liberal Democrats Brent East 29.11.2004
Thomas, Gareth (Clwyd West) Labour Party Clwyd West 14.03.2005
Thomas, Simon Plaid Cymru Ceredigion 14.03.2005
Thurso, John Liberal Democrats Caithness Sutherland and Easter Ross 06.12.2004
Tipping, Paddy Labour Party Sherwood 03.03.2005
Todd, Mark Labour Party South Derbyshire 04.03.2005
Tonge, Jenny Liberal Democrats Richmond Park 29.11.2004
Tredinnick, David Conservative Party Bosworth 03.03.2005
Trend, Michael Conservative Party Windsor 09.03.2005
Trickett, Jon Labour Party Hemsworth 01.12.2004
Truswell, Paul Labour Party Pudsey 23.11.2004
Turner, Dennis Labour Party Wolverhampton South East 24.11.2004
Turner, Desmond Labour Party Brighton Kemptown 24.11.2004
Tyler, Paul Liberal Democrats North Cornwall 25.11.2004
Tynan, Bill Labour Party Hamilton South 09.12.2004
Vaz, Keith Labour Party Leicester East 03.02.2005
Viggers, Peter Conservative Party Gosport 24.03.2005
Vis, Rudi Labour Party Finchley and Golders Green 24.11.2004
Walley, Joan Labour Party Stoke-on-Trent North 09.12.2004
Walter, Robert Conservative Party North Dorset 30.11.2004
Wareing, Robert N Labour Party Liverpool West Derby 30.11.2004
Waterson, Nigel Conservative Party Eastbourne 16.03.2005
Watkinson, Angela Conservative Party Upminster 25.01.2005
Webb, Steve Liberal Democrats Northavon 23.11.2004
Weir, Mike Scottish National Party Angus 29.11.2004
White, Brian Labour Party North East Milton Keynes 24.11.2004
Whitehead, Alan Labour Party Southampton Test 09.03.2005
Whittingdale, John Conservative Party Maldon and East Chelmsford 03.02.2005
Widdecombe, Ann Conservative Party Maidstone and the Weald 02.02.2005
Wiggin, Bill Conservative Party Leominster 09.02.2005
Willetts, David Conservative Party Havant 26.01.2005
Williams, Alan Labour Party Swansea West 02.03.2005
Williams, Betty Labour Party Conwy 23.11.2004
Williams, Hywel Plaid Cymru Caernarfon 24.11.2004
Williams, Roger Liberal Democrats Brecon and Radnorshire 23.11.2004
Willis, Phil Liberal Democrats Harrogate and Knaresborough 29.11.2004
Wilshire, David Conservative Party Spelthorne 10.03.2005
Winnick, David Labour Party Walsall North 22.03.2005
Winterton, Ann Conservative Party Congleton 24.01.2005
Winterton, Nicholas Conservative Party Macclesfield 24.01.2005
Wishart, Pete Scottish National Party North Tayside 29.11.2004
Wood, Mike Roy Labour Party Batley and Spen 09.12.2004
Woodward, Shaun Labour Party St Helens South 07.12.2004
Worthington, Tony Labour Party Clydebank and Milngavie 23.11.2004
Wray, Jimmy Labour Party Glasgow Baillieston 06.12.2004
Wright, Anthony D Labour Party Great Yarmouth 24.01.2005
Wright, Iain Labour Party Hartlepool 10.02.2005
Wright, Tony Labour Party Cannock Chase 23.11.2004
Wyatt, Derek Labour Party Sittingbourne and Sheppey 23.11.2004
Younger-Ross, Richard Liberal Democrats Teignbridge 28.02.2005