COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database

COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database

From March - June 2020, Parliament invited people with expertise relating to the COVID-19 outbreak or its impacts (for example, on welfare, employment, education and other key areas) to sign up to a COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database.  This database is now closed to registrations. Almost 5,500 experts registered to contribute to Parliament's response to COVID-19.

How the database is being used

Parliamentary staff, Members of both Houses and their staff are using this database to rapidly contact experts and gain their insights on different areas relating to the COVID-19 outbreak and its impacts.

How else the database has been used

In April, over 1100 experts on this database responded to a survey put out by POST which asked them to share their immediate, short, medium and long term concerns relating to COVID-19 and its impacts. Having analysed the responses, and determined there to be 15 broad areas of concern, POST has published syntheses in these 15 areas.  

The 15 areas of concern are listed here, along with the methodology for both conducting the survey and synthesising the insights.

The 15 syntheses have been published on POST’s Horizon Scanning pages.

Those who said they would be happy to be publicly acknowledged for their input into the survey are listed here.

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