House of Commons Library

The House of Commons Library is an independent research and information unit. It provides impartial information for Members of Parliament of all parties and their staff. This service supports MPs in their work scrutinising Government, proposing legislation, and supporting constituents.

Research briefings

One of the main products the Commons Library produces is research briefings. These provide in-depth and impartial analysis of all major pieces of legislation. The briefings also cover areas of policy, frequently asked questions and topical issues.

These research briefings are published online and are available to MPs and the general public. You can also find the research briefings on the Commons Library website.

Business briefings

Find documents and reports relating to the business being held in the House of Commons Chamber and Westminster Hall. These include relevant Commons Library briefings, select committee reports and POST notes. Documents produced by government departments or other agencies may also be included.


Insights give timely, need-to-know information on current issues. They get you up to speed quickly, and give you an impartial and authoritative take on the latest research and statistics.

Local and constituency data

These interactive dashboards contain statistical data on constituencies and local areas. They cover a range of topics including employment, housing, demographics and election results.


Read research and analysis from Parliament's libraries and committees on how leaving the EU will affect different policy areas in the UK

Commons Library website

Browse all our impartial research briefings, Insights, interactive local data dashboards and podcast episodes on the Commons Library website.


The Commons Library research briefings are available to the public. If you wish to offer feedback, please contact: