First Annual Procurement and Commercial Report:Written statement - HCWS1712

Department for International Development
Made on: 11 July 2019
Made by: Rory Stewart (Secretary of State for International Development)

First Annual Procurement and Commercial Report

I have today published DFID’s first Annual Procurement and Commercial Report. This provides a summary of DFID’s procurement and commercial practice, complementing the information contained in the Department’s Annual Report and Accounts and meeting the commitment made at the time of DFID’s review of supplier practices in October 2017 to place more information in the public domain. I am placing copies of the report in the Libraries of the House.

The UK is an acknowledged world leader in the provision of development and humanitarian aid. Our aid budget acts not only in the interests of the world’s poorest, but also in Britain’s long term national interest.

Our global leadership in development requires continuing efforts to improve value for money, efficiency, innovation and effectiveness.

The report therefore sets out the progress we have made over the last two years in the introduction of commercial reforms to ensure the best value for taxpayer’s money and the maximum benefit for poor and vulnerable people across the world from our programmes. These reforms include the introduction of a comprehensive Code of Conduct for DFID’s supply partners, Strategic Relationship Management of our strategic partners, greater transparency of costs, fees and overheads in our funding agreements and measures to promote the engagement of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in our supply chains.

We will continue to improve our commercial practice, publishing a Procurement and Commercial Report each year so that Parliament and the public can assure themselves directly that UK is being used effectively.

This statement has also been made in the House of Lords: HLWS1672

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