October Agriculture and Fisheries Council:Written statement - HCWS988

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Made on: 11 October 2018
Made by: George Eustice (The Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food)

October Agriculture and Fisheries Council

Agriculture and Fisheries Council will take place on 15 October in Luxembourg.

As the provisional agenda stands, the main focus for fisheries will be a Regulation on fixing the fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2019, for which a political agreement is sought.

Council will then hold an exchange of views on the EU-Norway annual consultation for 2019. There will also be an exchange of views on the annual meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT).

For agriculture, the main item will be a progress report on the Regulation on CAP Strategic Plans. The European Commission will also give a presentation on the G-20 agriculture meeting.

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