Export Control Policy:Written statement - HCWS957

Department for International Trade
Made on: 13 September 2018
Made by: Graham Stuart (Parliamentary Under-Secretary)

Export Control Policy

This statement is guidance given under Section 9 of the Export Control Act 2002.

I would like to inform the House of the introduction of a new policy relating to strategic export controls.

The Government takes breaches of export controls and trade sanctions very seriously, by investigating, disrupting and taking the appropriate enforcement action against companies and individuals who breach our controls. As part of the continuous improvement of export control policy, we have considered what other means could be used to disrupt illicit activities without increasing the regulatory burden on organisations that operate legitimately.

The Government wishes to strengthen its powers in order to mitigate any potential risk that those engaged in activities in breach of export control and sanctions legislation could still separately apply for and receive export or trade control licences in respect of legitimate business activities in which they are simultaneously engaged.

Therefore, when assessing licence applications, the Government may take into account the risk that the proposed legitimate activity will directly or indirectly facilitate other activities that violate UK export control or sanctions legislation. In doing so, the Government will consider, inter alia, the conduct of the licence applicant.

This statement has also been made in the House of Lords: HLWS980

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