Foreign Affairs Council - 25 June 2018:Written statement - HCWS785

Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Made on: 21 June 2018
Made by: Sir Alan Duncan (The Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs)

Foreign Affairs Council - 25 June 2018

The Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Sir Alan Duncan): My Noble Friend, the Minister of State for Defence (The Rt Hon Earl Howe) and I plan to attend the Joint Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) with EU Foreign Affairs and Defence Ministers on the morning of 25 June. I will attend a meeting of the FAC for Foreign Ministers only that afternoon. The FAC will be chaired by the High Representative and Vice President (HRVP) of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini. The meeting will be held in Luxembourg.

The joint FAC will discuss Security and Defence issues including EU-NATO cooperation. Foreign Ministers will then discuss current foreign policy issues including Yemen, the Red Sea and Horn of Africa, Jordan, and the EU Global Strategy.

Joint Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs (Defence) Councils

Security and Defence
The Joint Council will have two sessions. The first will cover Security and Defence during which Ministers will discuss Permanent Structured Cooperation, Military Mobility, the European Peace Facility, and EU-NATO cooperation. The HRVP will refer to the March European Council’s tasking on hybrid threats and resilience, which will be discussed by Leaders at the June European Council on 28-29 June.

The second session will be attended by the NATO Secretary General, and will cover EU-NATO cooperation, preparation for the NATO Summit, and Military Mobility.

Ministers are expected to approve Council Conclusions on Security and Defence in the context of the EU Global Strategy.

Foreign Affairs Council

Ministers will discuss the latest developments in Yemen, and how the EU can best support the UN Special Envoy’s efforts to revitalise the political process and work towards the resumption of negotiations. The dire humanitarian situation will be central to the discussion, recognising the urgent need to prevent further deterioration. The impact of the conflict on regional security and stability will also be addressed. The FAC is expected to approve Council Conclusions on Yemen.

Horn of Africa/Red Sea
Ministers will discuss the importance of inter- and intra-regional cooperation in delivering peace, stability, and economic growth in the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa, including coordinated support to Somalia, the resolution of conflict in South Sudan, and the management of water security. The FAC will consider the impact of regional conflict on Red Sea shipping routes, and of climate change on existing humanitarian challenges in the Horn of Africa. Whilst acknowledging recent positive developments, the FAC will discuss the importance of reform towards greater political freedom and human rights in the region. The FAC is expected to approve Council Conclusions on the Horn of Africa and Red Sea.

EU Global Strategy
The HRVP will present the second progress report on the implementation of the EU’s Global Strategy for the EU's foreign and security policy that was presented to the European Council in June 2016.

The FAC will discuss recent developments in Jordan, following country-wide protests and the appointment of a new Prime Minister and government. The UK remains committed to supporting Jordanian stability and will continue to engage positively with the new Jordanian government, supporting them to meet their commitments to economic reform.

Council Conclusions
The FAC is also expected to adopt Council Conclusions on Sahel/Mali.

Rt Hon Sir Alan Duncan MP
Minister for Europe and the Americas

This statement has also been made in the House of Lords: HLWS759

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