Policy Review of Resettlement of the British Indian Ocean Territory:Written statement - HCWS272

Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Made on: 10 February 2015
Made by: Mr Hugo Swire (Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

Policy Review of Resettlement of the British Indian Ocean Territory

I am writing to inform the House of the publication today, of the report of the independent feasibility study on resettlement of the British Indian Ocean Territory by consultants KPMG LLP. We particularly welcome the contribution of Chagossians and other interested parties here, in Mauritius and Seychelles, in developing the outcome of this factual study resulting in a credible, comprehensive evaluation of the practicalities and substantial challenges of possible resettlement. This is an important milestone, enabling interested parties with different perspectives to better understand the range of issues affecting any potential resettlement.

Whilst recognising the options in KPMG’s report are not exhaustive even for resettlement, the report provides a solid basis on which to begin our Policy Review. The Government will need to consider carefully the study’s factual findings alongside a range of factors, including the history of the territory and its former population, ongoing costs and liabilities to the UK taxpayer, the ability of the military facility on Diego Garcia to operate unhindered and other Chagossian aspirations that do not involve permanent resettlement of BIOT.

I will keep the House updated on developments. Copies of the full report and accompanying annexes are attached to this statement.

Feasibility Study (PDF Document, 1.6 MB)
Volume 2 Annexes (PDF Document, 2.84 MB)
Annex 7.1 Fisheries Data (Excel SpreadSheet, 81.3 KB)
Annex 7.2 Tourism Data (Excel SpreadSheet, 91.66 KB)
Annex 7.3 Coconuts Data (Excel SpreadSheet, 49.89 KB)
Annex 7.4 Resettlement Options Data (Excel SpreadSheet, 225.88 KB)
This statement has also been made in the House of Lords: HLWS247

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