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Asked by Ms Lyn Brown
(West Ham)
Asked on: 29 June 2020
Ministry of Justice
To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, with reference to the Update to the Draft Target Operating Model for Probation Services in England and Wales, published in June 2029, if he will publish a list of the Rehabilitation Activity Requirements that will be considered by the Effective Interventions Panel.
Answered by: Lucy Frazer
Answered on: 07 July 2020

As set out in the Target Operating Model for the Future of Probation Services in England and Wales, the National Probation Service will deliver Structured Interventions for lower risk individuals who are not suitable for Accredited Programmes.

The Effective Interventions Panel will be convened in the autumn of 2020 to assess and approve current Rehabilitation Activity Requirements (RARs) to be delivered as Structured Interventions in the future delivery model.

The Panel will use the set of effective interventions principles created by the Correctional Services Accreditation and Advisory Panel (CSAAP) for the assessment of Accredited Programmes, to ensure Structured Interventions are based on evidence of what works in reducing reoffending.

The suite of Structured Interventions which meet the criteria will be included in a Directory of Services for the Judiciary and other partners and stakeholders.

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