Palace of Westminster: Fire Prevention:Written question - HL10983

Asked on: 24 October 2018
The Senior Deputy Speaker
Palace of Westminster: Fire Prevention
To ask the Senior Deputy Speaker what consideration has been given to replacing the recently installed single-leaf temporary fire doors in the Palace of Westminster with double-leaf doors that (1) swing both ways, and (2) have larger glass panels.
Answered by: Lord Laming
Answered on: 07 November 2018

The Senior Deputy Speaker has asked me, as Chairman of the Services Committee, to respond on his behalf. The existing doors’ apertures are not large enough to accommodate temporary frames and temporary double leaf fire doors. The cost of providing temporary double leaf doors is considerably more expensive than single doors and the lead time for double leaf doors would delay the programme; the cost and delay would increase further for doors with double swing frames. The installed temporary glass panels are compatible with certified British Standards and Building Regulations standards for disabled access/visibility in that they allow wheelchair to wheelchair visibility through the glass.

No consideration has been given to replace the temporary doors given the deadline to achieve life safety compliance, compliance with British Standards and Building Regulations, and the additional cost of replacement. The original doors will be returned between mid-November and the end of November.

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