Palace of Westminster: Fire Prevention:Written question - HL10982

Asked on: 24 October 2018
The Senior Deputy Speaker
Palace of Westminster: Fire Prevention
To ask the Senior Deputy Speaker what consideration was given to the needs of disabled users of the Palace when the decision was taken to install temporary fire doors in certain areas of the Palace of Westminster; and how long he anticipates those doors being in place.
Answered by: Lord Laming
Answered on: 07 November 2018

The Senior Deputy Speaker has asked me, as Chairman of the Services Committee, to respond on his behalf. The temporary fire doors needed to be installed to ensure mitigation to Fire Life Safety non-compliance. The floor springs and hinges of the original doors had deteriorated to the extent that it was not possible to ensure compliance. Work had to be undertaken requiring their removal and replacement with temporary fire doors.

Consideration was given to disabled users; the temporary doors are in excess of current part M Building Regulations, requiring minimum 800mm width doors, as 830mm wide doors have been installed which fully comply with both Part M (access) and Part B (fire) requirements. The original doors will be returned from mid-November to the end of November.

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