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Asked by Philip Davies
Asked on: 03 September 2019
Ministry of Justice
Crimes against the Person: Sentencing
To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, in (a) how many and (b) what proportion of cases involving common assault was a defendant sentenced to a term of imprisonment after being remanded in custody prior to their trial in each year since 2013.
Answered by: Edward Argar
Answered on: 09 September 2019

Information on the number of defendants dealt with for common assault and their remand status at different points of court proceedings can be found in the “Remands: Magistrates’ Court data tool” and the “Remands: Crown Court data tool” at:

To obtain the requested data, carry out the following steps:

  • In both tools filter ‘Offence’ for: “105 Common assault and battery”
  • In both tools filter ‘Remand status’ as required – for remand status prior to trial in the magistrates’ court, use the “Remand status with Police” variable
  • In both tools filter ‘Convicted / not convicted’ as required
  • In both tolls filter ‘Sentenced / not sentenced’ as required
  • In the Crown Court tool filter ‘Plea’ as required (plea is only available at Crown Court)
  • In both tools filter ‘Outcome’ for “Immediate custody” as required
  • For calculations for defendants dealt with entirely at the magistrates’ court, filter ‘Outcome’ to exclude the following: “Failure to appear”, “Committed for trial” and “Committed for sentence”
  • For calculations for defendants dealt with at the Crown Court, filter ‘Outcome’ to exclude: “Failure to appear”.
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