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Asked on: 25 February 2015
Ministry of Defence
Military Aircraft
To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, how many (a) Apache AH1, (b) Gazelle AH1, (c) AS365N3 Dauphin, (d) Bell 212, (e) Lynx Wildcat, (f) Squirrel HT1/HT2 and (g) Watchkeeper 450 are in (i) the forward fleet, (ii) sustainment and (iii) storage.
Answered by: Mr Julian Brazier
Answered on: 26 March 2015
Holding answer received on 04 March 2015

The information requested is in the attached table.

The Forward Fleet comprises aircraft which are serviceable and those which are short-term unserviceable. Short-term unserviceable aircraft are undergoing minor works, forward maintenance or any other unforeseen rectification or technical inspection work that can arise on a day-to-day basis.

The Sustainment Fleet numbers represent those aircraft in our Depth Fleet, which comprises aircraft which are undergoing planned depth maintenance or upgrade programmes.

The numbers recorded as being in “Storage” are airworthy aircraft that are currently in temporary storage. These figures exclude those which are redundant, declared as surplus or awaiting disposal.

The following aircraft types are contractor owned and do not feature in the table. The contracts for these fleets are based on delivery of a specific number of flying hours and aircraft availability. The actual numbers of airframes and specific aircraft types used in the fulfilment of the contract are a matter for the contractor to decide, based on their commercial and technical judgement.

· Squirrel HT1/HT2

· S-61N

· A109 Power and A109E Power

· AW189 (selected by the future Falkland Islands Search & Rescue provider. It will be civil registered and operated by Industry).

· Bell 212

· Dauphin N2

· Griffin HT1

· Griffin HC2

· Grob 115 Tutor

· Grob 115 Heron is a sub-type of Grob Tutor.

The AW139 and some of the A109 aircraft are operated on the military register in support of some commercial activities.

Aircaft Platforms (Word Document, 123.5 KB)
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