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Members of Parliament

Who has been the youngest Member of Parliament? Which MPs have resigned their seat in the Commons? This selection of research briefings provides information on current and former Members of Parliament.


Members of the House of Commons since 1979
List of all MPs from the 1979 general election to present day, including constituency, party and additional information

Members of Parliament and dual mandates
Looks at MPs who held dual mandates in the House of Commons and other legislatures at the same time since 1973

MPs related to other current or former Members
List of MPs in the 2017 Parliament who have family members who are also current or former Members of the House of Commons

Father of the House
Overview of MPs with the longest continuous service from 1901 to present

Youngest Members of Parliament since 1979
Details of the 'Baby of the House' in the Commons since 1979, including further information about notable young MPs

Apologies by MPs to the House of Common since 1979
List of all instances where an apology has been made by an MP on the floor of the House of Commons

MPs who have withdrawn from the Commons Chamber or who have been suspended
Overview of MPs who have left the Chamber voluntarily, have been asked to withdraw or who have been suspended since 1992

Appointments to the Chiltern Hundreds and Manor of Northstead Stewardships since 1946
List of MPs who have resigned their seat, which must be done through an appointment to a paid office of the Crown

Living former Members of the House of Commons
Information on former MPs who are still living, including party affiliation, constituencies they served and total length of service

Sitting Members imprisoned since 1945
List of imprisoned MPs showing the length of sentence, reason for imprisonment and date the House was notified

Roles in Parliament

Chairs of Commons select committees since 2010
Information on the Chairs of House of Commons select committees for each Parliament since the 2010 election

Chairs of the Committee of Public Accounts since 1861
List of successive Chairs of the Public Accounts Committee, from 1981 to present day

Government Chief Whips and Deputy Whips since 1945
Overview of the Chief Whips and Deputy Whips in the Commons and Lords from 1945 to present day

Representation in Parliament

The History of the Parliamentary Franchise
History of the Parliamentary franchise showing the incremental stages which led to universal suffrage

Social background of Members of Parliament 1979–2019
Data on the gender, age, ethnicity and educational backgrounds of MPs elected in 2019 and how this has changed over time

Women Members of Parliament
List of all the women who have ever been elected to the House of Commons since the passage of the Parliament (Qualification of Women) Act 1918

Women in Parliament and Government
Data on the number of women in Parliament, Government and elected bodies in the UK, dating back to 1918

House of Lords

House of Commons

Progress of Public Bills
Lists the dates of all stages of public bills in both Houses of Parliament

Sessional Returns
Summary of the work of the House of Commons with information on sitting times, use of procedural instruments and the work of select committees

Sessional Diary
The House of Commons Sessional Diary records the time spent in the House on different types of business

House of Commons Annual Accounts
Annual administration accounts for the House of Commons and its Members since 2001

House of Lords

Business statistics
Breakdown of the business and membership statistics for the House of Lords in each session of Parliament

Voting records
Breakdown of voting records for each session of Parliament

Public Bill statistics
Public Bill statistics from the House of Lords for each session of Parliament