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This selection of research briefings provides data on various types of bills before Parliament. Find information on a range of bills, from hybrid bills and Private Members' Bills to ballot bills and Statutory Instruments.

Number of public bills introduced and gaining Royal Assent since 1997
Table of the number of public bills introduced in each Parliament since 1997 and the number that became Acts of Parliament

Budget debates and finance bills since 1968
Information on the Budget debates and Finance Bills, including the name of the Chancellor, length of speech and duration of the debate

Successful private Members' bills since 1983
Details of the title and sponsoring Member of successful Commons and Lords private Members' bills from 1983 to present day

House of Commons ballot bills since 1997
List of the 20 MPs drawn in the Commons ballot for private Members' bills at the start of each Parliamentary session since 1997

Expedited legislation: Public bills receiving their Second and Third Reading in the same day in the House of Commons
List of Government bills since 1979 whose second and third reading in the Commons took place on the same day

Hybrid Bills receiving Royal Assent since 1979
Table of successful Hybrid Bills since 1979, including date of First Reading and date of Royal Assent

House of Lords

House of Commons

Progress of Public Bills
Lists the dates of all stages of public bills in both Houses of Parliament

Sessional Returns
Summary of the work of the House of Commons with information on sitting times, use of procedural instruments and the work of select committees

Sessional Diary
The House of Commons Sessional Diary records the time spent in the House on different types of business

House of Commons Annual Accounts
Annual administration accounts for the House of Commons and its Members since 2001

House of Lords

Business statistics
Breakdown of the business and membership statistics for the House of Lords in each session of Parliament

Voting records
Breakdown of voting records for each session of Parliament

Public Bill statistics
Public Bill statistics from the House of Lords for each session of Parliament