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House of Lords

How have peerages been created and who have they been awarded to? Who have been the movers and seconders of the Queen's Speech? This selection of research briefings provides information on various aspects of the House of Lords.

Peerage Creations since 1997
Details of appointments to the House of Lords from May 1997 to January 2016

Peerages Awarded to Former Prime Ministers 1902-2016
Lists former prime ministers who have held office since 1902, together with information on whether the individuals received a peerage after leaving the House of Commons

Resignation Honours: Peerage Creations since 1958
list of prime ministerial resignation honours that have included the awarding of peerages

Dissolution Honours: Peerage Creations 1959-2015
Peerage creations announced through dissolution lists at each general election since 1958

Leader of the House of Lords: Holders of the Post
background information about the office of Leader of the House of Lords and lists those who have held this position since 1963

House of Lords: Maiden and Valedictory Speeches, 2010-2015
Full text of a selection of recent maiden speeches in the Lords, including a list of maiden and valedictory speeches from 2010-2015

Queen's Speech: Lords Movers and Seconders
List of the mover and seconder following each Queen's Speech for the past 20 years, including Member's party affiliation

State Openings of Parliament: Reduced Ceremonial
Brief overview of the ceremony for the 2017 State Opening of Parliament and how it differs from previous years

State Opening of Parliament: Postponements
Information on occasions on which the State Opening of Parliament has been postponed

Parliamentary Sessions: Years Without a Queen's Speech
Information on sessions since 1990 that have lasted more than 12 months and the years in which there was no Queen's/King's Speech

Hereditary By-elections: Results
List of hereditary peers' by-election results since the House of Lords Act 1999, including information on turnout and number of candidates

House of Lords: Largest Votes Recorded
Provides information about the largest votes that have taken place in the House of Lords

House of Lords

House of Commons

Progress of Public Bills
Lists the dates of all stages of public bills in both Houses of Parliament

Sessional Returns
Summary of the work of the House of Commons with information on sitting times, use of procedural instruments and the work of select committees

Sessional Diary
The House of Commons Sessional Diary records the time spent in the House on different types of business

House of Commons Annual Accounts
Annual administration accounts for the House of Commons and its Members since 2001

House of Lords

Business statistics
Breakdown of the business and membership statistics for the House of Lords in each session of Parliament

Voting records
Breakdown of voting records for each session of Parliament

Public Bill statistics
Public Bill statistics from the House of Lords for each session of Parliament