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Find all the facts and figures about Government. This selection of research briefings provides information on various aspects of successive Governments and Ministers.

Prime Ministers
Lists the UK Prime Ministers since 1721 and provides information on changes of Prime Ministers between elections since 1900

Twentieth Century Prime Ministers and their Governments
Note of Prime Ministers that have served since 1900, including dates of office, general elections won and size of government majority

Leader of the House of Lords: Holders of the Post
Background information about the office of Leader of the House of Lords and list of people who have held this position since 1963

Women in Parliament and Government
Figures on the proportion of women in Parliament and elected bodies across the UK and throughout the world

Attendance of the Prime Minister at Prime Ministers Questions (PMQs) since 1979
Overview of PMQs and the number attended by successive Prime Ministers since 1979

Ministers in the 2015 and 2017 Conservative Governments
List of ministerial office holders since the 2015 general election under David Cameron's and Theresa May's administrations

Ministers in the 2010-15 Coalition Government
List of ministerial office holders in the Conservative–Liberal Democrat coalition government from 2010 to 2015

Ministers in the Labour Governments: 1997–2010
List of ministerial office holders in the Labour governments led by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown

Ministers in the Conservative Governments: 1979–1997
List of ministerial office holders in the Conservative governments led by Margaret Thatcher and John Major

Ministers who have held ministerial office for 20 years or more
Details of individuals from 1900 to present day who have spent 20 years or more in total in ministerial positions

Cabinet Ministers suffering electoral defeat while holding office
Sets out all serving Cabinet ministers from 1900 to present day who have lost their seats while in office

Regional Cabinet meetings
List of Cabinet meetings held away from Downing Street from 1921 to present day, including date and location information

Parliamentary Private Secretaries to Prime Ministers since 1906
List of individuals who have served as Parliamentary Private Secretaries to successive Prime Ministers from 1906

Peerages Awarded to Former Prime Ministers 1902–2016
List of former prime ministers since 1902, including information on whether the individuals received a peerage after leaving the Commons

House of Lords

House of Commons

Progress of Public Bills
Lists the dates of all stages of public bills in both Houses of Parliament

Sessional Returns
Summary of the work of the House of Commons with information on sitting times, use of procedural instruments and the work of select committees

Sessional Diary
The House of Commons Sessional Diary records the time spent in the House on different types of business

House of Commons Annual Accounts
Annual administration accounts for the House of Commons and its Members since 2001

House of Lords

Business statistics
Breakdown of the business and membership statistics for the House of Lords in each session of Parliament

Voting records
Breakdown of voting records for each session of Parliament

Public Bill statistics
Public Bill statistics from the House of Lords for each session of Parliament