Social protection: Key issues for the 2015 Parliament

This section of the Key Issues 2015 publication focuses on areas of social protection including Universal Credit, child poverty, childcare, housing and fixed odds betting terminals.

Universal Credit: work in progress?

Looks at the progress of the Universal Credit programme and the potential impact of a single means-tested benefit system

Child poverty

Examines the slowdown of progress towards tackling child poverty and the prospects of whether the targets will be met by 2020

Childcare for the 21st century

Should government support for childcare be achieved through direct provision, universal entitlement to free childcare or tax breaks?

Housing supply

Successive Governments have failed to ensure housing supply matches demand

Gambling: fixed odds betting terminals

Overview of fixed odds betting terminals, why they are controversial and what the policy options are

Current Briefing Papers

The Key Issues articles were published in May 2015. However, the Commons Library produces new briefings as topics evolve.

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