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Defence and security: Key issues for the 2015 Parliament

This section of the Key Issues 2015 publication focuses on defence and security.

The intelligence services and the Snowden revelations
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Overview of the ability of the intelligence services to collect internet communications and the effectiveness of oversight mechanisms

To intervene or not to intervene? Military operations overseas

Outlines the grounds for previous humanitarian interventions and Parliamentary support for military action abroad

Can the UK afford to defend itself
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With budget cuts and an ambitious equipment plan, there are tough questions about how the Armed Forces can fulfil its tasks

Does the UK have enough soldiers to defend itself?

Can the radical restructuring planned by the Army work if the recruitment of Reserves falls short of expectations?

Replacing Trident

Overview of the UK's nuclear deterrent, the costs of maintaining the system and calls for greater Parliamentary scrutiny

Cyber crime and security
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What are the major cyber security risks? Where do they originate? And what can be done to stay one step ahead of the hackers?

Current Briefing Papers

The Key Issues articles were published in May 2015. However, the Commons Library producesnew briefings as topics evolve.

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