The new Parliament 2010: key issues for the 2010 Parliament

Parliament buildings at night

General Election 2010

An election of uneven swings at local level returned a hung Parliament

Characteristics of the new House of Commons

High turnover has contributed to a House of Commons that is more representative of the population than ever before

A hung parliament

Our constitution provides for procedures in a hung parliament, but the events following the election may result in pressure for change.

Standards and reputation

Building on the creation of IPSA, parties have further proposals to restore trust in politics - but mistrust is longstanding

Electoral reform

The hung parliament has put electoral reform at the forefront of the political agenda

The House of Lords

Reform of the House of Lords, long a hung Chamber, remains on the agenda

Scrutiny in the House of Commons

Moves to strengthen the role of backbenchers began in the previous Parliament, but many issues remain unresolved

Latest Key Issues

The Commons Library has produced a Key Issues for the new Parliament 2015.

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