Social reform: key issues for the 2010 Parliament

Parliament at night

Broken Britain?

Is Britain broken? What are the policy implications?

Alcohol policy

Can Government tackle Britain’s problems with alcohol without penalising the responsible?

Issues in Employment Law

Several major issues of employment law remain unresolved. The importance of the wider economic climate should not be underestimated

Marriage and cohabitation

Should Government intervene to promote marriage? How might this be done?

Housing supply and demand

The failure of housing supply to keep up with rising demand has wide social and economic implications

Social mobility

Trends in social mobility are unclear, but life chances remain closely linked to background

Broadband access

The UK needs to get up to speed on broadband to avoid a digital divide

2010 Olympics

Will the London Olympics secure its promised mass sports participation legacy?

Latest Key Issues

The Commons Library has produced a Key Issues for the new Parliament 2015.

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