Security and liberty: key issues for the 2010 Parliament

Bill of Rights

Proposals for a British Bill of Rights have come from across the political spectrum. The various plans would have very different consequences

Surveillance in society

The effective and proportionate use of surveillance and state databases is a delicate balancing act

Copyright and piracy

The passage of the Digital Economy Bill prior to dissolution highlighted some of the many ongoing issues of copyright law and enforcement

Counter-terrorism legislation

There is a case for reconsidering and consolidating the counter-terrorism legislation passed in recent years

Use of force against intruders

Do “have a go heroes” need greater protection from criminal prosecution?

Managed migration

Reforms initiated during the last Parliament aim to deliver a ‘fit for purpose’ immigration system – but consequences of past failings still need to be addressed

Should we build more prisons?

Does prison work and can we afford it?

Latest Key Issues

The Commons Library has produced a Key Issues for the new Parliament 2015.

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