Britain in the world: key issues for the 2010 Parliament

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Strategic Defence Review

Will the forthcoming Strategic Defence Review be threat or budget driven?

The International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan

When will the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan be able to hand over to Afghan forces?

Prospects for 'Afpak'

The next year will determine the success or otherwise of Western policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan


Iraq has stabilised and a potential future as an oil-rich democracy beckons. But much remains in the balance

International energy security

Energy security will play an ever-growing role in foreign policy

Agriculture and food security

The future of the Common Agricultural Policy is to be decided in an era of concerns about food security

The new European Union

Although the Treaty of Lisbon is now in force, several outstanding EU issues remain


The emergence of the G20 crystallises a power shift towards large emerging economies in global economic governance

Income as international aid

There is consensus on spending 0.7% of national income on aid – but why the 0.7% figure, how will it be met, and will it guarantee results?

Latest Key Issues

The Commons Library has produced a Key Issues for the new Parliament 2015.

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