Brexit: energy and environment

How will exiting the European Union affect the UK's involvement relating to environmental issues, the scientific community and technology businesses? Read analysis from Parliament's libraries and committees on the impact of Brexit.


Nuclear Safeguards Bill
Assesses the extent to which the provisions of the Nuclear Safeguards Bill delegate legislative power

Overseas electricity interconnection
Discusses the benefits of interconnection between electricity markets, proposals for future increases and potential impact of Brexit

Nuclear Safeguards Bill: briefing for Lords stages
Overview of the purpose of the Nuclear Safeguards Bill and its passage through the House of Commons

European Atomic Energy Community
Report calls on the Government to explain how it will ensure there is a secure supply of medical radioisotopes used to detect cancer

The Nuclear Safeguards Bill 2017–19 (updated 22 February 2018)
Discusses the background and content of the Bill, which makes provision for nuclear safeguards after the UK leaves Euratom

Leaving the EU: implications for the civil nuclear sector
Report calls on the Government to retain a close association with Euratom to minimise risk of disruption to nuclear research and trade

Euratom (updated 21 December 2017)
Overview of the work of Euratom and the potential impact of leaving the EU on Britain's current nuclear operations

Negotiation priorities for energy and climate change policy
Report warns that the Government has left the UK nuclear industry at risk and must act to ensure its continued operation post-Brexit

Leaving the European Union: Euratom
Overview of Euratom and the possible implications of leaving Euratom for the future of the nuclear industry and research in the UK


Brexit and the environment (updated 19 January 2018)
Discusses current environmental law and policy, preparations for Brexit and the possibility of a tailored approach to the environment

The future of chemicals regulation after the EU referendum
Committee inquiry on the future of chemicals regulation and the section on chemicals in the Delegated Powers Memorandum

Leaving the European Union: UK climate change policy
Overview of European legislation on climate change, its implementation in the UK and the implications of Brexit on targets in UK law

The future of chemicals regulation after the EU referendum
Report urges the Government to provide clarity on the future of chemicals regulation after the EU referendum

Brexit: environment and climate change
Highlights key actions that will be needed to ensure environmental protections are not eroded as a result of Brexit

The future of the natural environment after the EU referendum
Report suggests that protections for wildlife and habitats could be weaker after Brexit if the Government doesn't take action

Leaving the EU: environment and climate change
Overview of a selection of EU legislation relating to the environment and climate change, and how it has been implemented in the UK

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